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Hello, i just do racing stories based off of the Need for Speed video games
and tbh, its hard. but its also fun.


February 28, 2020

At night, during the race, they came. You know who I'm talking about, right? The cops! The dirty bastards tried to killswitch my Mercedes GT. Didn't work, though. Anyway, I’m safe now. But the same can't be said for the guy in first place during the race. I managed to get away by hiding in a ditch and getting to the safe house. After that, it was day. Here in Palm City, it is hard to keep track of the time of the day, especially for me. And being me is really hard. 
During the day, I told the dealer about what happened. He was one of the old underground racers before the cops took his licences. Now he works at the nearby dealership letting me buy cars as I grow in the underground. Now he is letting me buy the R8, my dream car. I immediately buy it and modify it to make it up to speed with my dream design for it. The best for the best! And it looked great. 
I also find out that the Speedhunters Showdown is about to start. So I decided to see the dream come true. I enter and before I know it, it starts. Kenny, the guy in first, is highly respected in the underground racing league. So knowing him, he is not to be taken for granted. So when we start,  I know I might not win as much money. But Damn! The accaration is awesome on this thing. Within the first 10 seconds, I’m in second, behind Kenny in his Mclaren P1, a good car for a champ. I managed to overtake him and win the race. I am joyed to win and Kenny. Kenny. He just left the area. He looked really mad about the fact that he lost. That is what I call raging.
At night, Kenny comes to me and challenges me to a rematch. At this point, me and him have a high reputation. So we both know that this race could have cop interference. But, determined to keep my rep, or maybe beat him and become number one on the board. So I took it.
And it was wild. Real wild.
I was right about the cops. But wrong at the same time. I thought they would go all out on me, but turns out, they went all out Kenny. I guess riding in a stolen Ferrari F40 makes you a big target for the cops. I never thought about that. Huh. Anyway, I make my escape and manage to be number 1 on the board.
After that, I didn't see Kenny at all. And thank god. And now Im helping The Rivieras, the first people I meet when I came to palm city, expose the head of the cops as a fraud. Right now, I’m racing some of the best racers in town, The League, and I’m doing pretty good. We also have the news crew following us, which is good for my rep and the main objective. 
Recently, Me and Ana, one of the friends that I mentioned, found out that the head of the cops, Frank Mercer, had some impounded cars in his possession and loads of cash in the trunk of his vehicle. So we were trying to expose him. We had driven past the place were we saw the cars, then, we got ambushed and the news didn't find the cars as they weren't there, so basically, we failed.
We managed to get away, but we rush back to the garage after Ana thinks that her brother, Lucas, is in danger. We find him bound to a chair and Mercer, the head of the cops, pulled a gun on us. We came with him. He asked who told them about the cars. Ana refused, which made him mader, until Lucas showed up and hit him with the vintage Camaro has in his old garage. The car got badly damaged, and he was badly hurt. But he still managed to give Mercer a hit and free us. I end up driving because he, like I said before, was really injured. And like Lucas, the car was badly damaged. So I end up driving slow to avoid trouble.
At the new garage, Lucas tells Ana about how their ̈Papi ̈  died of a heart attack when he found out that he (lucas) went to jail for illegal racing. He explains that was the reason he quit street racing. For me, it was heartbreaking, even though I'm not in their family. It feels like I’m bonding with them more now than ever. Now, it is time to end this, once and for all.
We first start by finding a way into the computer that caught footage of the cars that were illegally impounded by Mercer. I remembered someone, so I called them. She gave me a software that hacked into the computer. I said thanks, and left. At the same time, it turns out that there was a tracking device. I had to protect Ana and make sure that my own R8 was safe. We manage to make it out and destroy the laptop, leaving no evidence that we did it.
And it worked! The files that Lucas sent about Mercer worked. In the news interview, he just left the scene, stomping like a child in a tantrum. We may have won this time, but ana said that he could be anywhere. She also said to spec up the ride, saying we might need it for our last mission. I do as she says and get ULTIḾATE parts for the R8.
For our last mission, we do some laps around the Police station with the League, who realized that the abush was a set up and agreed to help us. It was epic! After passing the launch site, we head to the docks, which was where the cars were, and bring the cops while we are at it. While the cops were investigating, an oddly familiar M3 GTR, with Mercer in it, got away. We went at it, both of us trading blows. Finally, we take him down, and head to a safe house. After that, we became the most respected drivers in Palm City. We also got the car Mercer was driving that night. Here is what my impression of Palm City: every night brings something new. Everyday is something special. And that tides can within the minute. 
After that whole deal, Ana told me about a friend of hers who quit. She also said that he had a really cool Polestar. I feel like i have seen it before at the blackridge airport while on the way here. She said it was yellow with Vortex-X tires. It also had a split spoiler. It sounded like a nice looking car. It must have sounded great too.
Lucas has told me before to sit back, and enjoy the sunshine, since the task force doesn't exist i have been doing so, and in doing this, I met an old friend, Officer Torres, who started this whole thing in the first place, and then ending street racing. I argue with about her wanting us to take down Mercer, and then doing the exact same thing herself. She says she never said that she wanted street racing to endure. Then she calls the Task Force, which still does exist apparently. I try to run away-and manage to- but i'm badly injured. This proves one thing: this city is now never safe. More likely, me and my crew (not the riveras, but them too) are never safe. 
As I drive back, I noticed that Ana wasn't there. So I asked Lucas. He said that she got arrested. I was shocked at first. Then He told me that he was kidding and was waiting at the dinner for our date. That shocked me even more. I mean, I knew she liked me as a driver and respected me. But i didn't know she had a crush on me. I ask if this is the truth. He said yes, but he said that she didn't have a crush on me, she just wanted to celebrate us becoming one of the top tier crews. 
After the dinner, Ana told me she had a surprise waiting outside. I go out, and see it. And it looks handsome. Guess what it is. Guess! Alright, it was a Ferrari FXX K Evo. I hugged so hard, I think I might have choked her.  I immediately get working on it. You really can't do much with it, but I made it one of my favorite colors, changed the decals, And changed the wheel.
The road was long, but it was fun. I am currently trying to get the 488 Pista, which is only available to those who have found and done everything here. Then there is the Reggara, which you can only get if you are the most notorious racer in palm city. I have collected the street art and have gotten the nissan 350Z nismo, which is faster than the original version, but can't really be customized as much. And I have noticed some really cool looking cars on the streets. And I want them. And then I call Kim and tell her that the experience was fun. She tell me that she, along with Tyler, are coming soon, so I had better show them around. And then i head too the beach to relax

I do not make these characters and places, all of them are created by EA. the cars are also not created, they were created by their respective companies. Please don't steal my work and claim it as your own. Or i will hunt you, i will find you, and i will hurt you.  



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