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The Shattered, Dark Shells Beneath Me #timeofthetide

November 13, 2019


The high tide rolls 
Under the black sand beach 
Where my parents used to take me.

In foreign lands I walk,
Step after step remembering the sapphire blue seas
The deep diamond moon displaying its wondrous opulence
Wearing its midnight cloak with pearl-white sequins.

I hear rogue, churning waves reacting to my touch
And the crackling laughter of thunder telling me to surrender to its glorious, doomed light
Its angelic shine is reflected within my eyes.
I feel the brisk wind of the icy breeze grazing my dark chocolate hair
Caressing the smooth curves of my body and enveloping the perished skin I so mournfully wear.
As the oceans pool of desolate tears fills up to my knees.

I sink into the shattered, dark shells beneath me
Further and further
Until my broken-hearted soul is touchable no more,
The high tide creeps in once again
And covers up what sorrowful trace of me was left.
11/8/2019 1:49 PM

Thanks for hosting a really cool contest with a unique prompt @K. Marie Christen

How does this make you feel? What images do you see in your head? If any...

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