Fenley Jones

United States of America

​Auntie Ellen's Fortune

November 8, 2019

    Lex Flores looked at his small office and glass desk in the center, feeling nervous and anxious. He looked over at the wall of windows and examined his mountainous surroundings. He had always loved cold Winter Haven with its beautiful snowy surroundings. It was the place he grew up and the place that all of his family lived. But since the death of his Auntie Ellen's, his thoughts and feelings had changed. 
    Then out the window, he saw someone in the distance. It was the figure of Alex Norris. Alex used to be a friendly man who his Aunt chose to manage her fortune when she died. But ever since she died, Alex refused to pay him and his relatives the 986,300 dollars they all were entitled to. Lex had unofficially stepped up to manage Alex giving the family members their money. This was because Alex kept coming back to the family members with ‘counter-offers’, leaving the family unhappy and mad.
    Lex gulped. He glanced at his own reflection in the glass walls of the newspaper office. He was a short, anxious, lemonade drinker with pale-skinned arms and newspaper reading hands. His friends saw him as a lonely and a little loving. Once, he had even revived a dying baby.
    But not even a pale-skinned lemonade drinker that had revived a dying baby was prepared for what Alex had in store for him today. As the snow flurried like raging cats, Alex continued walking toward the glass newspaper office. Lex stepped outside as Alex came closer, Lex could see the cool glint in his eye.
    "Look, Lex," growled Alex, with a frustrated glare that reminded Lex of an unhappy puppy. "I hate you and I want your family’s money.” Lex replied, “You owe me and everyone else in my family 986,300 dollars each."
Lex looked away, feeling even more anxious, afraid of dropping the coffee mug in his hands, because of his numbing fingers. Lex looked back at Alex, speaking almost in a whisper, and said, "Alex, just give me the money, NOW," and our family will never bother you again.
    They looked at each other with hatred, then suddenly, Alex lunged forward and tried to punch Lex in the face. Quickly, Lex threw the coffee mug at Alex, which didn’t break until it hit the ground, but spilled coffee that froze almost instantly after it came out of the mug all over Alex’s jacket. Alex's arms and hands trembled as he realized what he had done to Lex’s family. He looked maddeningly at Lex, feeling empty, as he let out an agonizing groan as he turned away and said quietly, “You and your family will find the money in your bank accounts and the children will both receive a check addressed to them under conditions for a savings account.” He slowly walked away looking frail, leaving Lex standing alone in the snow. Lex then went back inside to get a broom, came back out then began sweeping up the broken pieces of the mug before they were buried by the quickly falling snow.


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