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my teacher told me to enter a competition so yeahhhh....READ MY STORY! (plz)

The infection by Kotomi Jones

November 21, 2019

I walk down the hallways of my high school. At every step there's candy wrappers and people missing assignments. I pick up a piece of paper that was crumpled up. When I unfold it there's a lot of eraser marks, I look up to the name. Written in cursive it says Edith. “Who's homework did u find today?” Charles says walking up to me from behind.
“Edith,” I reply slightly confused.
“Wait you mean like witch girl?” Charles asks as we continue to walk down the hallways. 
“Witch girl is a mean name but yes her,” I reply.
“Ash she doesn’t even come to our school anymore after the incident,” Charles says as he approaches his locker. I roll my eyes.
“Okay well see you in 5th,” I say as I walk away. I put her homework in the empty recycling bin then open my locker dark blue lockers. Miles has the locker next to me he smells like a strong cologne and cigarettes. That cologne smells horrible. “Miles you know cigarettes-”
“Pollute? I know you tell me everyday,” he says in the middle of my sentence as he closes his locker and walks away. I roll my eyes and close my locker. He never actually listens and take action.
I walk into Mr. Wilson's class for 5th period. I put my stuff down on my table and take out my writing from my folder. Mr. Wilson takes attendance then calls me up for me to share first. “So Ashley what is the topic of your story?” Mr. Wilson asks. 
“It’s about pollution because it is a big issue of 2030,” I say. He nods at me and waits for me to start. I look around the classroom, I look at Charles and he just raises his bushy brows. I try to hold in a laugh. I take one deep breath and start.
I read the last sentence of the story and no one claps. Everyone is zoned out not paying attention. Maybe it was too lengthy? Or was it too many facts and not straight to the point? I sit back down and put my head down. Someone taps my shoulder. Obviously it has to be Claire with her long red hair that was curled at the ends. “Yes Claire?” I say with a annoyed voice. 
“Your piece was boring maybe you should write about something for relevant next time if u want an applause,” she says in her little annoying voice. 
“Claire pollution is relevant and it can kill us so it would help if u took action like how I said in my story,” I say back and turn around.
“I wasn’t really listening to your story it was too boring also don’t get to pressed over a story,” she says back sassy as usual and starts to doodle in her notebook.
I walk towards my bike and unlock it. Maybe people will care if I made a website! Actually never mind only some people will come across it. I bike down the street thinking of something everyone would take action on. I wish I can just make a spell where something can happen and everyone would take action. I keep biking then squeeze the break .“Witch girl! I mean Edith,” I scream. I turn left and keep biking. 
I hop off my bike and throw it to the side where no one can see it. I walk up to the dark wood door and ring the bell. She cracks open the door a little. She gets a good look at my face then opens the door fully. “What do you need Ash?” She asks.
“I need your help,” I say determined. She opens up the door and lets me in. We sit in her room. I tell her my idea briefly.
“So you want me to do a spell that causes something that makes everyone else take effect?” she asks me. 
    “Yeah I was thinking maybe like plastic monsters in everyone's houses that makes everyone properly recycle all of their recyclable items,” I say excited. She  raises her eyebrows at me. This is a perfect idea!
    “I think that’s a bit much, is there something that ticks you off the most when it comes to pollution?” she asks me. What is something that ticks me off? Oh I hate when people just drop their cigarette butts cause first of all they don't biodegrade and also they can start unwanted fires.
    “Cigarette butts,” I say. She smiles and nods but we still don't have an idea of what to do. She turns on the tv so we can get ideas. She goes through a few channels. “Go back!” I say she goes back to the last channel. It’s the old skittles commercial where the boy has a bunch of skittles on his skin.
    “Well that seems like fate doesn’t it,” she says with a chuckle. She takes out a notebook she used to use for school so we can brainstorm how it would work.
    It’s about 6 pm and we finally finish the plan. “Come with me to the basement,” she says. I follow her to the basement. She told me to get a few things from the shelves as she gets the special ingredients. She first put water as a base. I give her some green liquid, she takes it and dumps it in. she opens a chest box with her special ingredients. she pulls out something wrapped in plastic. she tells me to close my eyes until she tells me to pen them so I do. All i hear is ruffling and a splash when she drops it in. She tells I can open my eyes, then I see colors start to fly in the air. It goes in a circle around Edith’s pale skinny legs, out the door, and around our city. “The spell will take full effect by tomorrow morning,” she says. I thank her and bike home.
    I open my locker and miles opens his locker. I look at him and smile. He makes a confused face. “You’re quite today,” he says as he closes his locker that looks like there is some scratches on it. I stare at him confused. He blinks his dark ocean eyes a few times. “Okay then bye,” he says and turns around. 
    “Smoking is bad for your lungs you know,” I say before he walks away. 
He laughs “I’ve heard about that,” he says and walks down the bright hallways to his class. 
             There's 2 girls in the big stall smoking. I cough once and use the restroom. As I’m washing my hand one of them screams. I turn around and she pushes me and there’s a cigarette butt stuck on her forehead she tries to pull it off but it won’t budge. Her eyes start to fill up with tears. Her friend takes out scissors from her pencil bag. “Don’t cut it off it might make it worse,” She says wiping her tears. Her friend laughs and takes the girls black straight hair and cut her some bangs so you can’t see the cigarette butt. 
             “You look fine now Laila,” her friend says. They hug and walk out the restroom. I take out my phone and call Edith. She doesn't pick up but I leave a voice mail.
             “The spell is working thanks,” I say and hang up.
             I walk to a hidden spot at the school with Charles at lunch and we see Miles sitting on a curb. He’s smoking a cigarette. “Hi Ashley are you here to tell me smoking cigarettes are bad for my lungs?” He says. Charles looks at my as he puts on lip gloss. 
             “No but that reminds me smoking is bad for your skin and lungs,” I say. Charles and Miles look at me like I’m crazy. They don’t know about it yet. “ finish ur cigarette and you’ll see,” I say to Miles. He finishes his cigarette and drops the butt down and steps on it but it disappears and reappears on his wrist. Him and Charles scream.
              “Ash  oh my god are you a witch?” Charles asks me. I roll my eyes. We’ve known each other since 2nd grade and he thinks that if I was a witch he would just find out now? 
             “No I’m not a witch but I got help from a witch,” I say. They look at each other then me. “So basically whenever u smoke a cigarette the butt will stick onto your skin.”
              “How exactly is this helping the earth or people’s lungs?” Miles asks slightly annoyed.
              “Well no one wants to have a bunch of cigarette butts on their skin so, there’s a cure for it and everyone has to work together to find the cure plus the cure will prevent cigarette pollution,” I say as I’m proud of myself.
               “Okay yeah your weird,” Miles says as he walks away.
              It’s been 3 days and the only thing that comes up on tv is news about cigarette spell. They named it actually it’s called tobacco Pox. News reporters state that it doesn’t hurt but makes u look interesting and they haven’t found a cure.
              Miles is wearing a black hoodie and it’s 90 degrees out today. “ you should just stop smoking so it would stop growing on your skin while they find a cure,” I say. He looks at me and puts his head on the locker.
              “I would quit but I still have to finish this pack,” he says sarcastically. Why does he act like he needs it to live. I roll his sleeves up and I just see cigarette butts all around his arm. I touch a cigarette butt. He rolls his sleeves back down and walks to his class.
               Me, Charles, and miles sit on a old metal bench at the park. “Give me your pack of cigarettes,” Charles says. Miles rolls his eyes and pulls out 1 pack of cigarettes. I take it and put it in my bag. “Is that all of it?” Charles asks.
               “Yes, can I go home now?” Miles asks. sweat rolls down his tan forehead. He wipes it with his grey sleeve.
               “Go home and don’t buy anymore cigarettes,” I say. He nods and walks away. Me and Charles walk to my house to watch a movie. 
               Miles looks at his last cigarette pack he takes one out and opens a his phone the news report shows a man with his face covered in cigarettes. He drops his cigarette onto the brown carpet. He bends down to pick it up but stops, a image of him with his whole body covered of cigarettes comes to his mind. He picks up the cigarette and puts it back in the box then throws the box under a shelf. And goes to bed.
              I open my locker and notice something different from Miles. I pull his sleeve up and a lot of the cigarette butts disappeared. He figured out the cure. “Some of them went away,” I say happy. He looks down and smiles. He’ll probably have normal skin by tomorrow morning. “You should make a post on what the cure is with before and after photos,” I say. 
            “Yeah that would help some people,” he says. He goes on his phone for a bit. “Done,”he says.
           “What?” I say. He shows me his phone I smile at him and he goes to class. 
           I wake up and go on my phone to see that Miles post blew up. I sit up and call Miles. “Congrats your basically famous!” I say. He laughs. He says thank you and hangs up to get ready for school. 
            At school everyone praises Miles. He got a high five from everyone even Claire. He hugs me. “Thank you for this now that I don’t smoke good thing come my way and also we reduced cigarette pollution by a lot!” He says. I smile then go on my phone, people are starting to post about pollution now.
            “Thanks for finding the cure buddy,” I say as I walk to the restroom. When I get to the restroom the same girls that were in the restroom just a few days ago are standing outside the door. Their just slurping out of Starbucks cups. Laila rolls her eyes at me. I look down and walk into the restroom. 


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