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- i have A LOT of ships and will occasionally write about those
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Since everyone on wtw seems to have inspirational quotes in here, i'll just put some of my own.
"It looks like communist Jason Dean."- Me
"It's an optic nerve donut!"- Someone in my science class
"Doesn't he look tasty"- My friend
"It's not a burn until it's 3rd degree."- another friend
"Just because a banana is yellow, does not mean it is mellow"- same friend as above

Knife In The Heart

November 7, 2019


This week has been a stab in my pathetic little heart.
I have hurt so many, or so I believe.
I can't even tell anymore.
I can never be enough, satisfy the needs of all, to provide all the energy to put in to energy.
My energy was already the size of a sugar cube, now it's been carved down to a minuscule Lego brick.
The knife.
It just keeps carving.
Carving away my heart, my soul, my energy, my time, my freedom. 
But it is a greedy knife, it can never have enough.
Should I surrender to its sharpened blade, piercing through my ribs?
Or should I keep fighting its stabs, patch the holes in my fragile conscious? 
I am running out, running out of time, running out of energy, of life.
Have I become Alexander Hamilton, writing like I'm running out of time?
How do I fight like I'm running out of time?
Am I running out of time?
I am running out of time.
Then suddenly, I feel it.
The soft fur of my baby, Lei Lei cat.
She guards me.
She won't let me surrender, I couldn't bear to look into those sad feline eyes and tell her I had given up.
TW Knives


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  • Some_Stand_Up_For_The_Vanquished

    ok, foosh, seriously, talk to us. you havent hurt us--or, me at least. i cant account for anybody else, but i really dont think you did. fight it. listen to lei lei

    9 days ago
  • Charisse Marison

    Wow. This was beautiful! I'm so sorry you are feeling this way! Glad your cat can help :)
    If you need any help with life, go ahead and ask me. Always willing to help. :)

    10 days ago
  • fooshissecretlyacat_

    This poem was not inspired by what happens to Yuri in DDLC, despite her being my favorite character, it was inspired by what I am feeling right now. The knife is a metaphor.

    10 days ago