Peer Review by Kay Dee (Malaysia)

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a mistake

By: hi i'm jackson ;)


for a second
i thought you were talking to me
just for a second
and then i knew better
"you care about"
"you love"
"you need"
i thought it was me
it's never been me
never has been me
i feel like crying
i know you care about me
i know you love me
but that wasn't meant for me
i can't escape that pain
you can't take it away, either
i've been held close by you
i've held you close
i saved every letter you wrote me
from the moment i read them
i thought you were mine
you said you were mine
my world is on fire and burning
my memories of you being mine along with it
because i'll never be your first choice
like i said, always second
i thought you were talking about me...
just for a second, i thought...i thought you were
i thought you were talking about me...

Peer Review

Everything about it just... speaks to me. The first two lines really hit me hard.

No, it's already perfectly sad. Especially the quoted lines, those really deepen the idea.

Reviewer Comments

I've experienced this feeling before. The person was special to me, but I wasn't the same for them. If this is about you, know that there is someone out there who will make you their number one. :) I wish I could hug you. :(