Lili Smith

United States

yours truly, earth

November 7, 2019

 Dear, humans  

 Hi! My name is earth I have been in the solar system for 4.543 billion years, I am neighbors with Venus and Mars, I have a species no other planet has had.  
    This species are slowly destroying me, heating me, polluting me. You're spending all you're money to move to other planets instead of fixing me. 
    Although I try to help you, protect you, give you an opportunity to live happily. You just don’t do the same for me.
    Your species cut part of me down at a very fast rate 1 football field every 1.4 seconds, what are you going to do without me? Yeah I don't know either. Some of you care while others don't.
So, as you may be wondering how is this  destroying the me? Well it's not exactly a one word answer but I can tell you one of the main reasons.
    Lack of care.
    Yeah, believe it or not you're species, don't care that i'm dying, that you're world is falling apart in front of their eyes, some don't even believe it.
    I have been here for an extended period of time and this has never gotten anywhere near this bad. I appreciate those who try but when what they try does not work out, you give up. Then just ignore me when I am being cut down, melting, burning, dying. 
    Since you're species have been here my animals have been going extinct. Examples? Rhinos, Whales, Elephants,  I could go on forever, those are barely any.
    Some are pretty smart though they went to the deepest point of the ocean and guess what they found a plastic bag, yes a plastic bag.
    I feel like it's easy for you to change maybe you just choose not too. I spent all my life making myself beautiful and you're species came and destroyed me.
    I made natural and biodegradable food packaging like mangoes, bananas, and oranges and you wrapped them in plastic.
    Plastic on of my biggest problems, they end up in my oceans, killing all my marine life, one of the main victims, a sea turtle. 
    There were 104 pieces of plastic in the baby turtle when it was born, it was so weak the turtle ended up dying just because of plastic. Why is it that when a baby sea turtle is born one of the first things it probably sees is plastic? You're species poach my turtles as a sporting event and find it thrilling and fun to kill me and my marine life. Sea turtles are valued from there eggs, meat, and shells instead of their beauty. 
    This is happening so many times, you need a change now.
    And, yes, humans did cause climate change and they still don't do anything to help it, they do this by driving there gas cars, releasing Co2,carbon monoxide,and other various fossil fuels.
    I'm burning. Climate change impacts fires and fires impact climate change I'm burning by 4 to 9 million acres a year. 80% of my forest fires are caused by humans.
    You're cutting my trees down from the forests that cover 30% of me, 20 football fields are being cut down a minute. If you don't die from climate change there is an estimate that there will be no rain forests in 100 years which means limited oxygen, almost no humans.
     You choose to kill and abuse my animals. My animals used to live happily, but now that has changed, humans are here. For example Rhinos are going extinct for their horns and used in some Asian medicines or sold.
    And orangutans for example are going extinct because of loss of habitat, they live in the rain forest that are burning and being cut by loggers. 
    And gorillas are going extinct due to some natural diseases like polio, hepatitis, tuberculosis, and intestinal parasites. But as usual it's also cause of loss of habitat because they do live in forests they are also eaten a lot in Africa because it is a tradition.
    I wondered for a while why you destroyed me but then I realized, it's for the money. Soon I will be destroyed and you will have nothing to collect from me. Do you think I will be useless to you even though I give you shelter and everything you need from me to keep you alive? 
    I'm not the only one that is affected by you're mistakes, you are too, when you pollute my oceans marine life dies from you're plastic, then you can't eat seafood. Fires burn down animals homes that you might eat daily. And
over 1 billion people worldwide don't have access to clean drinking what because of humans dumping their chemicals and hazardous liquids into the water.  
    Please. Protect me I have no other species to depend on besides humans, the species with intelligence like no other. I gave you greatness I just ask for the same from you, so do you're future kids. 
    In 2010 composting and recycling alone have prevented 85 million tons of waste, which means you can change. 
Even though 91% of waste ends up not being recycled they are getting there and it may not be too late to change.
    Noise pollution is neglected and forgotten even through Belugas are highly disturbed by the sound of containers falling off ships.
    It hurts. Imagine burning to death or people cutting you down, if that happened to a human you would act fast but why is it that when its happening to me no one does anything? Why am I treated so much worse than you? Why cant you act fast? 
    You are in an era where they think it's okay to throw their trash out on the street, an era where you don't care that you're planet is dying, an era where you think it's okay that my animals and habitats are dying, an era where you are used to hearing things like there are roughly 14 billion pounds of trash dumped into the ocean a year.
    You started pollution you can end it.
    I don't need humans, humans need me.
    All I ask from you is too believe me, from there everything will turn out okay.
    -Yours truly, Planet Earth

    Dear, Earth 
    I'm sorry.
    I was really happy to hear from you. You changed my whole perspective on how I see you.
    I actually read you're letter 5 years ago (sorry I haven't written back) I was busy trying to change the world. I made copies of you're letter and put them everywhere, I put it on the internet so everyone knows (I hope that's okay) many people didn't believe me, but that's okay because many people still acted. They started beach clean-ups and started protests about laws of deforestation and how and why we should change our ways. 
    I guess that didn't work though because I just recently realized that our species existence will be coming to an end.
    Thank you for all that you have done for us, beggening to end. 
    - love, human society 


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