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Hi there. You can call me DragonGirl! I am a 13 year old alien from the Primordial Nothingness that is Khaos! I like writing. I write about my thoughts and stuff. I would like to recommend a person on here, FoxLilly106, she's amazing. Aight, Ciao!

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Hey doods. I guess I am here now. I like fantasy and sci-fi. Im currently working on a scifi novel, A Shining Sky. Check out the prologue if you want. Thanks to everyone who follows me, I really appreciate it. You can call me DragonGirl, or just Dragon. Once again, thanks to all who follow or like.

Why I Write

November 7, 2019

PROMPT: Why I Write

    I write to see worlds that I could never go to. I have so many places I want to go, but most of them are fantasy. So I write to make up for the experiences I will never have. To create people that I will never meet. To explore parts of myself that I never show in real life. I write to communicate my thoughts. Most of my characters reflect some part of me. I write to express those parts of me. I write to live the life I could never have. 


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