Finally in Hogwarts, sitting in the Ravenclaw Tower.

Safe from Panem, far away from home.

In the New York summer though, to train in a camp to fight the monsters many can't see.

Still, initation in Erudite hasn't been good so far.

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Random weekly fact (because I can)
Passive sentences can be used to put readers at ease and make a scene calming. Usually used after big wars and stuff, but don't use excessively!

"The best use of imagination is creativity.
The worst use of imagination is anxiety."
~ (someone...)

Please don't mind if I don't reply on short notice. Just a low-profile writer, part-time in this world

10 things that MATTER

November 7, 2019

PROMPT: Your View

  1.  Everyone should have the right to love anyone they wish to. Seriously. No matter which gender.
  2. People shouldn't be judged by their skin colour. Not every Chinese on the street comes from China and eats dog meat. Really, we laugh about that stereotype a lot.
  3. This brings me to my next point. No one deserves to be superior or inferior in anyway. Some women faced things guys haven't.
  4. What goes around, comes around. (Spiritual belief, but) I still believe in it. No pain, no gain.
  5. When someone falls in anyway, help them. On some occasions, it could mean the world to them.
  6. Being a "b*tch" is different from self-respectPeople tend to get that wrong a lot. One means putting yourself first. The other means caring for yourself.
  7. If you give and expect something back, that's not giving.  To actually give someone something means to actually sacrifice it, and not expect any kind of repayment.
  8. Never say that nothing surprised you. The world is known to change, so one day it will.
  9. Don't give up on something if you're feel like it. Giving up is just a sign your struggle is ending.
  10. Make the best out of everything under your control. You have your own talents for a reason
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