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can you blame me for loving my city?

November 6, 2019

PROMPT: Microphone

    If you lowered a microphone into the backstreets of this sleepy sunrise terra-cotta city, you’d hear the quiet murmurs of a twenty-four-hour gas station and the purr of a car engine idling in the empty parking lot of an old mall. 
    Everyone left a long time ago to chase that california dream, that hollywood fame. What you’ll hear are the sounds of the particles that were left behind in the great stampede towards empty expectations.
        It’s the sound of that party down the block; of kids drinking with other kids whose parents and grandparents went to the same highschool they’re going to. 
    It’s the sound of cheering and laughter, of fiesta, of the clipping of hundreds of gilded horse hooves against cracking asphalt.
    It’s the sound of market stall owners advertising goods to the three tourists passing through. (They’ll leave by the next morning. They always do.) 
    It’s the heavy sigh of a single mother as she sits in front of a frail washer in a dusty, dry laundromat. She watches her son out of the corner of her eye as their clothes are tossed mercilessly in a rusty metal bin. Paint flakes off of the wall as she fingers the twenty in the pocket of her shorts and clutches her laundry bag closer to her chest.
        It’s bittersweet, it’s calm, it’s the dreamlike state of a tired city trying to escape from the world.

maybe i love cali. maybe i do.


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  • babybluelamentations

    kk :)
    i’ll just joined, I’ll def pop by from time to time <3

    5 months ago
  • jaii

    (i realize your active again hehe. that link before was disabled sorry, here's a new one if you want to join:

    5 months ago
  • jaii

    first off i wanna say that i love the vibes of this piece! the nostalgia is strong and i'm living for it. i especially love that last line.

    so i'm commenting this on an old piece so that certain people don't see it. that's also the reason i'm not liking this piece even though it deserves a like. anywho, there's a wtw discord server and i think you might like it there. we have some amazing people there like anha, loveletterstosappho, ursa, jun lei, n. and so many more people that i would list if my hand wasn't cramping. no pressure to join, i just think you'd be a lovely presence (and i really want to yell at you for being an amazing writer in real time instead of just via comments sorry). here's the link:
    (also i realize you're inactive rn but i want to do this before i forget)


    6 months ago
  • babybluelamentations

    Omg thxx aryelee
    Your comments are so helpful and nice to read!!

    12 months ago
  • aryelee

    the way you've written this is just stunning. i can hear everything you've described, but muted and muffled and at a distance. that opening line grabbed my attention and wouldn't let go, the repetition of "it's the sound" is so good, and all the small moments and sounds really build up into such a clear picture of the city.

    "Everyone left a long time ago to chase that california dream, that hollywood fame." this line is amazing!! just a few words, and i know so much more about the people, the area, the dreams they chase. it adds so much personality to the piece. "the great stampede towards empty expectations", "(They’ll leave by the next morning. They always do.)", "It’s bittersweet, it’s calm, it’s the dreamlike state of a tired city trying to escape from the world" are other lines that really stuck with me. i just really love this piece!!

    12 months ago