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Evolution of Thought

May 16, 2016


    My evolution of thought has changed over the many years that I have been around on this earth. Whether it was when I was a kid I thought that ValleyFair and Arnold's Park were the coolest places on earth. They had the biggest and the baddest roller coasters and your options of having fun were infinite. My perspective of these places changed a lot when I visited them again as middle aged teenager.
    I was able to do everything on my own and didn't have a parent or my siblings that were chasing me everywhere. I had a feeling of independence and I could do what I want with who I wanted. My friends and I finished all of the rides in a short time and we found it boring after that, probably because we were tired. These amusement parks were the most thrilling things when I was a kid, but now as I get older they become more and more overrated. Experiencing them again when I had grown up, and having the ability to do what I wanted, had changed my evolution of thought.


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