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Waterfalls Academy

November 19, 2019

    “Finally, we’re here,” said Bri.
    “I think this town will be our permanent home from now on,” said Jennifer, Bri’s mother. Jennifer said as they passed the Willowdale sign. They walked and looked around the town until they found the big, luxurious academy called Waterfalls Academy. “I think this is the biggest thing in town!” said Jennifer. 
    Bri responded, “Mom, this town has a beach, which is the biggest thing.” As they walked closer, the headmaster, Mrs. Annabelle, walked out to greet Bri and Jennifer. 
    “Hello and welcome to Waterfalls Academy. You must be Bri.” 
    “Yes, I am.” Bri tried to be as polite as possible. She wore her Waterfalls Academy sweatshirt which she had been wearing since six o’clock.
    “You’re right on time, at four thirty” Mrs. Annabelle said.
    Mrs. Annabelle, Bri, and Jennifer spoke for a while. Mostly, Jennifer conversed about the schedule and where the dorms are and when students see their family. 
    “You can drop in anytime but family days are on Saturday and Sunday, dorm time is about to begin. Let me show you around then Bri can meet other girls.” They walked around the school, the beach, and spoke about the education at Waterfall Academy.   
    “See you on Saturday, mom!” 
    Silence hung inside the halls, besides for a few whispers of boys and girls walking down the halls. They headed towards the dorm and they could hear other girls socializing.
    “Here we are, you can go unpack. I am very hopeful for you.”
    As she walked past the other girls she heard whispers like: “Who is she?” and “Oh look a new girl”.
    Bri walked into a dorm and set her stuff down. Bri looked around and then a girl walked in. 
    “Hi I’m Harper, you must be Bri.”
    “How do you know my name?” 
    “Everyone in this school knows about people who come in a different part of the year.” 
    “Oh, yay! I’m the different new girl… lucky me.” 
    Harper laughed, “You’re funny.” 
    “I like your nails, Bri! Where did you get them done?”
    “I water marbled them myself.” 
    “You artsy?”
     “I guess.” 
    I think I’m gonna like it here, Bri thought.
    Bri and Harper unpacked Bri’s stuff and went back to socialize with the other girls.
After dorm time finished, they went to dinner where they socialized and ate with the boys. Bri sat with a group of guys and Harper.
    “Hi sister, you new?”
    “Yea I’m the new girl.”
    “I’m Elijah, you’re Bri right?”
    “Hey Bri, I’m Cameron.”
    He sat three seats down from Elijah. 
    “Harper, are you going to the pool/beach party tonight?” asked Elijah and everyone watched Cameron walked towards a blonde girl then they talked and the girl walked away. Cameron comes back and they started talking again,  
    “Oh, yea I’m going to the party."
     “Can I come?” asked Bri.
     “Sure sister!”
    They walked back to their dorms to get ready. 
    “So do you have a lot of parties at Waterfall?”
    ”No, but we have like two each quarter” said Harper as she rummaged through her closet to find two shirts and two pairs of jean shorts. “Here, wear this.” Harper threw a shirt and shorts at Bri and she caught them. Then after they got ready, they headed down to the pool. They stood next Elijah and Cameron and a few other people from the table. Everyone stood around or near the pool. The teacher told them rules for the pool and the beach. Some of the boys and girls looked around at each other and whispered secretly. Cameron went to speak to the blonde girl again. 
    “Ugh, sister you’re new so let me tell you something. You see Cameron talking to that girl? Don’t talk to her. That Peppa Pig, Angelina.” 
    The teacher had almost finished explaining the rules.
    “Don’t get into the water until a lifeguard is on their chai-” 
    Five of the boys and four girls shoved Bri into the pool. 
    “What the heck?!” Harper said to the giggling girls while Elijah had to hold her back. Cameron stared daggers at Angelina. Cameron rushed over to Bri with a towel. 
    Bri took the towel and Cameron helped her up. Harper watched Cameron look into Angelina’s eyes and mouthed I know it was you
    A few minutes later, the laughter had died off and Bri had mostly dried off. 
    “Good thing you have a bathing suit under that” Harper said as she tried to cheer Bri up. 
    “Sister, it’s fine, nobody had their phones on so nobody recorded it.” 
    “Yea, I guess that it wasn’t that bad but, I still got wet,” Bri said as she got up.
    “Can we go to the beach now?” Harper asked while Elijah and Harper put on sunscreen.  
    “Sure, let’s go,” Cameron said. They walked from the pool to the beach. When they were at the beach, they swam, talked, ate and surfed. A couple hours later, Bri went to go get some dry clothes. As she walked through the girls dorm, she quickly realized that she wasn't the only one in the dorm. Bri listened to Angelina and a couple of girls talk about the pool.
    "Wasn't it so funny when I signaled the people to push her in?" Angelina and girls started laughing and they all agreed. Bri walked back to the beach and when she arrived, it was deserted. She walked back to the dorm to see the girls going to the dorm. They all went to bed, got up, and went to breakfast.
    Bri had a tiny argument with Harper that she knew Angelina did it. It was quickly resolved when Bri got called to the headmaster's office and she almost got kicked out of Waterfall Academy. She explained to the headmaster about all the things Angelina had done. Then she walked back to breakfast.
Cameron asked Bri to speak privately.
    "Yes Cameron?"
    "Do you want to hang out sometime?"


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