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180 Degrees

May 17, 2016


When I started of High School, I had the widest group of friends. I hung out with everybody and seemed to talk to everybody throughout the day. As the years past, and I grew up, I realized that most of these people didn't care about me in a way that others did. This is how I found my true friends. I didn't necessarily stop talking to everybody, but I quit investing strenuous amounts of time in them and started putting that towards the people that reciprocated my care towards them. This resulted in me finding the people that I call my best friends and family.We have grown so close over the past few years and I am so sad to leave them this coming fall. Over time, my veiws about investing time and effort into the people who aren't willing to do the same has done a 180 degree turn, and for the better. 


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  • May 17, 2016 - 9:11am (Now Viewing)

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