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on that googoogaga type beat

hometown blues

November 5, 2019


i live here in this
town. i hate it and 
i want to leave.
the summers are
and the boys 
are mean
but so am i.
the trees are 
not native
invasive species.
the banks of the 
river are dry
and there are no seashells
only beer bottles.
my house was built in
the fifties and the
second step into
the garage is rotten.
the motel is
sixty five dollars 
per night
and i would like to 
spend one night
with you. they planted
flowers in front of the grocery
store but you 
can still see
cigarette butts in the
dirt if you know where to look.
i stole a shopping 
cart from the mall with
my friends
and we ran over worms
on my sidewalk.
we are not 
friends anymore.
i am not
like them. i am like you.
all the plants i
grow die but
the weeds here flourish.
my thoughts of you are im-
pure and useless
all consuming
just like the 
smell of smoke
when the towns around
mine burn.
the dirt here is
coarse and the bugs are
malevolent. the soil is still
fertile and the farmers say
their peaches are good
for the soul.
i have never 
eaten their peaches.
i hate this town and i want to leave
but i know i will miss you.
i dislike change but
admire evolution.
the mountains watch over 
me and you
and the homeless man in
my therapist's parking lot.
the sky is yellow and the
clouds are blue when the sun
sets in the summer.
i hope to own 
those colors
i would like to keep
them when i
leave and
i would like 
to keep you.
i go to a school in
a different town, but
not really
all the towns here are
the same.
at night the horizon 
is brown from
light pollution
and the stars are
not friendly. the asphalt
on the highway
is coming apart but 
they won't fix it.
sometimes hitch
hikers wave
at me when i drive by
them. i have never stopped.
i don't respect my
elders and i don't
believe in god
but i believe in the
ants on the lemon
tree in my backyard
and i respect 
their perseverance
even after my
brother washes them 
away with the hose.
he is moving to a different
town and i
envy him.
they are building a new
restaurant and it's
part of a chain.
i won't be eating there
because i saw a 
chicken eat a
baby bird in that
empty lot.
i have seen lots of dead baby birds here
and that is why i would like to leave.

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  • babybluelamentations

    Hey, so hope you don’t mind, but I nominated this piece for Writers of the World’s october must-reads. Your writing is just so beautiful, I had to.

    7 months ago