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I've always felt that a complete stranger can connect to your work so much better than the closest to your heart. Please read through my pieces and let me know how you feel! I would love to hear from you guys!

An Apology

November 17, 2019


Mamma, I only went out for ten minutes,
I wanted to go next door to play,
I shut the door and I shut the gate,
And double-checked like you always say.

Mamma, I went out he stopped me,
That driver uncle from two houses away,
He gave me a chocolate,
And asked me if I wanted to go for a 'Ride" today.

Mamma, I know I should have refused,
But I was only seven that time,
And my naive, innocent mind did think,
Surely saying yes won't be a crime?

Mamma, I went with him,
He sat me down beside him,
He suddenly locked the doors and then,
I realised my chances were slim.

Mamma I never felt so scared,
He was saying things I couldn't understand,
He made me sit with my head bent low,
He was a monster, not a man.

Mamma, he drove us to a lonely place,
And then he finally stopped there,
He started, slowly, removing my clothes,
Till I was facing him, completely bare.

Mamma, he was doing strange things,
Something told me they weren't right,
I tried to fight him, I really did,
He covered my mouth, lest I cried.

Mamma, I gave up then,
I knew I had no chance,
That monster there, he touched me,
And said things he couldn't pronounce.

Mamma, then he hit me hard,
Suddenly the world went black,
I felt myself hit the ground,
I heard every bone in me crack.

Mamma, he left me there,
And drove away so fast,
He left me there, bleeding and bruised,
For someone to find me, at last.

Mamma, they took me to a hospital,
I remember that much at least,
I remember the flash of cameras,
I remember the hurrying of feet.

Mamma, suddenly I heard your voice,
And everything felt okay,
Until I heard you crying,
Then I didn't want you to stay.

Mamma,I wanted to call you,
Mamma please don't cry,
Mamma look! The angels gave me wings!
Mamma look! I can fly!

Mamma, you cried so much,
I'm sorry I did this to you,
But I simply had no idea,
What this big, bad world could do.

Mamma, I'll always fly around you,
I'm sorry I cannot stay,
I cannot preach, but I will be safe,
And I'll love you, every single day.

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  • Zen

    This is amazing, and as well, also left me speechless. Love the pattern used in this poem and just simply no words can explain the awe left in me from reading this. Good work !!

    8 months ago
  • Tushar Mandhan

    Wow! I'm speechless. Not just the topic, the message but also the word play and the lyrical approach!

    8 months ago