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My dream is to be a bestselling author. I want to write YA fiction that is filled with magic, mythical beings, and much more! Most importantly, I want God to use my life and love of writing to share the good news of his mercy to everyone!

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Psalm 118:24
"For this is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it."

Know that God loves you whether you know him or not, and his love endures forever!

A Dragon and a Drastic Truth

November 6, 2019

    Just yesterday, Lydia had received a mysterious acceptance letter to a dragon-riding school called Asterope Academy: School for Guardians in Training. Lydia was sure it was a gimmick, but now she wasn't so sure...

    “IS THAT A DRAGON?” I screamed.
    My mom nodded, but she looked kind of angry. “Yes. Get your things.” Then she turned to my dad. “They said nothing in the note about transport by dragon! What are they thinking? HOW IS THIS SAFE.”
    “Bridgette, I’m sure it’s fine,” Dad tried to comfort mom.
    “IS IT?”
    I blinked.
    Is this real?
    There was a gigantic dragon in front of me, and a man was sliding down the wing. The dragon looked at me. I backed away.
    “Do dragons eat people?” I looked behind me, contemplating running away.
    “Of course not! That’s ridiculous.”
    I jumped. A man wearing a dark green jerkin and boots stopped in front of my parents and me. He looked like he jumped straight out of a medieval movie. I cocked my head, but he still seemed current, even futuristic. While I tried to figure out what made the outfit so weird, my parents must have wrapped up some conversation with the man because they showered me with hugs and kisses.
    “Alright, Lydia,” the man said, “let’s go meet my dragon, then we need to scram. We can’t keep the people away forever.”
    Who’s we?
    “Meet it?” I asked.
    “Yes. And thank you Mr. and Mrs. Barry for trusting Debbie.”
    “Debbie?” I asked, “Your dragon’s name is Debbie?”
    I stared at the giant white and gray dragon. She looked at me again, her eyes were intent like she wanted to say something. She blinked and looked away.
    I whimpered.
    “Yeah, yeah,” the man called.
    My parents and I said our final goodbyes and the man lead me toward twenty-foot dragon of certain doom.
    “Debbie, this is Lydia,” the man said, “Lydia, Debbie.”
    Debbie grunted.
    “Oh yeah.” The man stuck out his hand. “I’m Mace, pleasure to meet you.”
    I reluctantly shook his hand.
    Mace shimmied up onto Debbie and stuck out his hand. “Okay, climb on. You can sit in the front so you can hold on.”
    In a daze, I grasped his hand and let him pull me up. I sat down on Debbie’s neck and held on tight. Mace did something of whistle screech thing and Debbie flapped her enormous wings. I screamed at the top of my lungs as we vaulted into the sky. We blasted forward going higher all the time. Up and up and up. I think that’s when it hit me.
    I shook my head and looked around. I was on a dragon, in the air, parents gone, with a stranger.
    “What’s wrong?” Mace asked.
    “Um, the fact that I am so high off the ground that I can barely make out roads!”
    “Oh, we aren’t that high,” Mace said, “only about thirty-five thousand feet up. We’ve got another five hundred feet to go.”
    “What?” I started freaking out, “How will I breathe? What if I fall?” I pointed to Mace, “You have a death wish.”
    Mace just laughed. “First of all, you're not human. You are drakish. That means you can breathe effortlessly at any altitude. It also means that you can communicate with dragons. As for falling, if you concentrate hard enough, you can make yourself slow down. So if you fall off your dragon, which is a very rare occurrence, then you won’t die.”
    There I was, clinging to a dragon, too shocked to cry. Not to mention I was just informed that I wasn’t human, could talk to dragons, could make myself not plummet, and that I had one heck of a set of lungs. I sat there, feeling the cold, but not shivering. The scent of oversized lizard hung in the air. I tried to make sense of everything that was happening, but couldn’t. I was stuck on a dragon in the sky, questioning life. What a combo.
    It took hours, or maybe it was minutes, but we finally touched down on something solid. I slowly opened one eye, and then the other. There was ground down there. Thank goodness. Mace made another whistle-screech and Debbie lowered one wing. Mace helped me walk down Debbie’s back.
    “Now slide down.”
    It was kind of long way down, like fifteen feet.
    “Um, why don’t you go first?”
    “Sit down.”
    I sat down.
    “Now go.”
    That command I didn’t obey.
    Mace sighed, “On the count of three. One. Two—”
    Mace had shoved me from behind before he even got to three, and I rocketed down Debbie’s wing. I flailed desperately for something to grasp onto, but there was nothing. I launched off the end of Debbie’s wing and landed roughly on my rump.
    There was the sound of more sliding and Mace vaulted off of Debbie and landed perfectly beside me.
    Show off.
    “And this is Kit.”
    I froze and looked up. A boy stood there. He looked fifteen or sixteenish. He also looked like he was trying very hard not to laugh.
    I scrambled to my feet and stared at the ground.
    The boys greeted each other. I just watched through my hair.
    “Kit's going to take you to the school and show you around.”
    I just nodded.
    “See you later, Lydia!” Mace called, hopping back onto Debbie. Debbie flapped her wings sending out a burst of air that made my hair go wild. I wasn’t looking forward to the great hairbrush war that was surely awaiting me that night.
    “So, Lydia,” Kit said, “Raised by humans?”
    “Cool,” he said. He seemed to hesitate for a minute before saying, “Nobody lands it their first try.”
    “Sliding down a dragon’s wing. My first try, I went flying into a tree.”
    Okay, that was funny.
    “Let’s go,” Kit said, “There is a lot to show.” He motioned towards the biggest tree I have ever seen in my life.
This pretty much has no editing. So this is raw, raw material. All suggestions appreciated!


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  • Princess Maria

    This is really creative, and the grammar is spotless. Please write more if possible!

    almost 2 years ago