Olive Von der kret

United States

A normal day

December 13, 2019

When I’m alone I think of common things
Like what to wear
Or what to do
What do I say
Sometimes though
I think about the world ending
Or something else like that
I think about me
And who I am
Well I’m jasson and a normal human being
Or at least I think 
At school
I’m working on a project on GVP (Gun Violence Prevention)
And I just happen to know the most on that so it nice to
Help people when they need it
And it gives me memories of 6th grade when I did learn about it
But it’s also a touchy subject 
because …..
In middle school, I lost a friend because of
A person who decided to shoot him
And it was so scary
I remember seeing them put him in the truck
Driving away
And gone forever
But that was a long time ago, now I’m in highschool
10th grade, 16
My past is behind me and I’m looking at the present day and forwards
It’s almost winter break and going to be 2044 soon!
I’m so excited
I can go visit my friends in new york, have fun
But after my project and test
My test
My test
My test 
My te-
“JASON MY MAN” that's soya, one of the coolest people you’ll ever know “Hi jasson” and that's miki, one of the smartest people in the school, she doesn't like me though “You know, you two are late,like really la-”
“DON’T SAY IT, I don’t want to hear it” but sometimes soya has a temper “kay? So did you finish the test or no?”
“Kinda” soya really we have to get that finished “That’s sad well I got to go to class, bye” 
That was the weirdest period ever 
First people are talking about Blake and Matt
Then they were fighting
did something happen?
I won’t ask
It’s better to not interfere 
Well now it’s the best part of the day
“Ya shoya?”
“For our campaign, what else do we need to do?”
“I don't know, we could put up some posters a walk out” I interrupt “A PROTEST!”
“Good thinking, Jasson”
“Oh also I have some news” miki looks at soya then me “what is it” she asks in a anoid voice “We have 57 people attending the meeting tomorrow and 5 teachers”
Soya gets up from his seat “Wait did you just say 57 people!” 
“Yes soya I said, 57 people”
“That’s AMAZING, I don’t know how you do it Jason”
“It’s a secret I will never tell” oh it’s Blake, we were friends back in middle school, now we're just acquaintances...
Wait is that a bruise on his arm?
What happened
“Uhh hi guys” I decide to say hi back “hi blake, where’s Matt? He’s usually with you”
“Well ….. I don’t want to talk about it” he’s holding his arm, no wait, he’s trying to hide it
“Blake are you okay?”
“I’m fine”
“You don’t look ok, what happened”
“Okay fine i’m NOT ok, I got into a fight with Matt, and he said that we need a break”
“What happened”
“Well I thought that I didn’t have my bag and it had his dads watch and that's the only thing left of his dad, then I got into a fight with matt”
“what does that mean”
“ well, I didn’t have my bag that had his dad’s watch, and I was supposed to give it to him but he forgot, then when I told him I didn’t have it, he got pissed and punched me”
“that’s just rude well why would he lend it to you?”
“because he was doing track and he didn’t want to lose it so I put it in my bag”
“Ok?” Oh yeah he does track, I forgot “well thanks for telling us”
“No prob, thanks for letting me tell you guys”
Later that day he punched me
I really don’t know why he would do that
We talked about his problem 
Was he mad that we talk to him
No he was talking to us
Why would he do that?
But it wasn't just me 
Matt was on the ground too
He looked really messed up
Then he looked at Matt and told him to kill himself
And I ran
After that I asked for an ice pack but 
They didn have any 
So I went to PE because that's my next period “Hey!”
“Hi Jason”
“Your fast you know, I can’t keep up with you” 
“oh let me slow down a bit” they need a fan in here, it’s so hot “thanks, Why are you late?”
“Umm, I had to go to the nurse’s office” why did I say that “You look just fine- oh your eye”
“Yup, they didn’t have ice so I just left”
“well do you wanna go check”
“Nah I’m good”
“Okay then, now tell me what to your eye?”
“So I saw matt on the ground like someone hit him really bad, so I was trying to help him out but then Blake hit me and-”
“Wait, your telling me that Blake hit you”
“What the actual fu-”
“Sorry, ok you need a ice pack”
“Well you do-” wait, it’s Blake,and Matt?
What are they doing “thanks for my watch back Blake”
“No prob, like I said, I had it, no need to be upset” Matt looked scared “y-yeah”, I decide to approach them “hi guys” Matt walks back a little “oh, hi jasson” and blake just looks pissed off “hey” and I walk off hoping nothing will happen to me, but then they started to argue “THAT'S the last thing that’s left of my dad”
“I know that’s why I was trying to give it back to you but YOU wouldn't let me”
“Well you should of had try harder”
“Well I’m sorry, can you forgive me”
“When you stop hurting me for reason” it’s silent “Matt what are you talking about?”
“Admit it, you abuse me when you don’t get your way or when your upset”
“This is stupid, and even if I did then you should be strong enough to defend your self” he tryed to talk back but Blake left
“Go kill yourself”
The room was so quiet
Blake left the room without a sound,
And Matt, he cried
I tried to talk to him but
he left too
The next day Matt was hiding from Blake
I asked him if he was ok but he just ran
Now I really want to ask him if he is ok because
He was probably told to kill himself, a lot
Well now that we know Blake is a bad person
Maybe at the end of the day
I’ll talk to Matt

At lunch
Me and my friends went walking to the shops across from school Because we needed lunch 
To hear
A shot
Then a scream from the school
After that we saw people running out of the school, not a lot though
So being the person I was
I went inside to see what was going on 
But one of the people shouted at me
But who?
I looked around and saw blood
And saw some people hiding behind a desk or in a closet 
Then there I saw Blake
With a gun
And people lying on the ground
He was laughing
“I love to see people I hate die”
And on the ground were those people died I saw Matt
And A bullet through his head
Why I asked myself
He did nothing to you
Then I blacked out
I woke up in a hospital a day later 
Apparently he shot my leg and arm and I could look at myself and bare the pain
So I fainted 
Though I don’t really remember that part
But all I know now is that
Blake is going away for good
Matt, well he’s not really with us anymore 
And I’m not going to go to school any time soon
The end


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