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"May the odds be ever in your favor."
-Hunger Games

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I admire those who inspire me, those who write with passion, and admiration towards their work, I strive to write like those who change people lives with ink and paper.

After they messed up

November 21, 2019

The wind is frosty. 
The water is to my shoulders.
 I'm crying not intentionally, But out of fear.

Am I dying?
I did this. No, I didn't.
It was them,
all of them.

The water continues to rise
I take breaths as if they were my last.
I'm treading water, my feet move quickly
not too quick that I tier easier and burn out
only for the water to swallow my whole.
For the water to let every animal feed off of me till I die.

I can't die not now. 

People around me shiver and sob till there is no energy to use
their drained.
Drained to the point there is no way of keeping their heart beating.
Drained to the point they would rather die than suffer.
Drained to the point someone fall asleep 
Leaving others to feel the need to carry them or let them drown.
Drown to the bottom of the ocean where only death awaits.

The flood has happened.
Years have passed where other cities have flooded
One by one the water swallowed them whole
Now Atlantic city,
New Jersey

My home, the place I knew,
I thought, was safe.


I remember when I was seven 
my parents weren’t ever home.
They spent hours on end 
working double jobs.
Our world was divided into the rich and the poor,
I happen to fall in the category of the last one.
It was excruciatingly difficult 
to get out of the poverty you were born into.
I remember cooking ramen every night 
by myself, at 6:00 
to be able to finish homework at 9:00.
I used to sleep on an air mattress in an apartment
in the middle of the busiest place in town.


Now I see people on overcrowded boats 
that might risk sinking, if they keep adding,
People swimming to “safety”
People floating on objects that happen to float.

I'm scared.
Very frightened.
Overly petrified
on the fact that I may pass away, 
Leaving this world to dust.

Climate change,
it created this nightmare,
couldn't help but add to the problem.

Years of unforgettable disasters
they triggered
Have happened over the course of time
I have been living in
a world where dreams rarely come true,
where you beg not to be on “clean up”
Then feel guilty 
Because your species caused this.

They trashed the place.
They barely left clean air.
They didn't leave enough water,
They corrupt a sustainable environment!

They are my ancestors
My great great great…
The ones who believed it was okay to litter on you walk to work,
okay to over produce and not use
what they made,
to “survive”!
They think it's okay to screw my generation over 
just because it's convenient 
at the moment.
I hate them.
I despise them.


I was brought back to reality
People screaming in pure fear,
They swam fast all of them
They all swam away from me.
I look back
A monster created by mother nature
Appears ready to kill 
They water enclaves me 
All i can think is
How beautiful it looks to be encased in a wave of such size
I take a breath that smells of death and
I go under.

I hear muffled screams then silence
I pray to the lord to help me.
“Help me Lord” I scream.
“Oh help the future generations Lord.
I am sorry, so so sorry.”
I gasp for air.
Water fills my lungs and I see white…
I think I just died.


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