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I've grown up my entire life as a global nomad. Due to this, writing has become the outlet I use to express my thoughts and experiences.

My List of Opinions

November 4, 2019

PROMPT: Your View

1. Feminism is okay until it denies the value of men.  
2. I think that travel is the medicine for bigotry and ethnocentrism.
3. Throwing money at the poor only treats the symptoms of poverty, but true investment in curing the root problem comes with relationship building.
4. I don’t think that the UN’s sustainable development goal of eradicating poverty by 2030 is realistic.
5. I don’t think that tearing down historical symbols is okay just because one doesn’t agree with it. Both the good and bad aspects of history stand as testament as to how we should shape our future. For example, forgetting about the brutality of slavery would discredit the sacrifice that so many have put into ending it.
6. As a student, I think that schools should be forced to teach about both evolutionary biology and creationism. By only teaching about evolutionary biology, they impose their ideas on others and don’t allow them the chance to choose between the two.
7. Some leaders are extremely eloquent with words and stand for good causes; however, if their personal lives don’t match up to their public values, they aren’t worthy of the reverence they’ve been given.
8. I believe that the impact of pornography should be openly addressed; it is deteriorating the minds of many young men and women as to what love and commitment actually entail in relationships.
9. I believe that more people should consider adoption as a viable way to build a family.
10. I think that the beauty stereotype that is put on teenage girls to have a Barbie doll face and a BMI of a nine-year-old boy is extremely damaging. 


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  • The Bubbling Pen

    I love the strong and confident statement you make in your list of opinions - they are steadfast and well-stated. If you have the chance, it would be fantastic to see an opinion piece written on one of them! Let me know if you get to it and I'll definitely read it xx

    11 months ago