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December 2, 2019

Earth Saver by Hayley Newman

Our world, our earth is being threatened because of something we made, Plastic what a cruel word. We   
                can’t keep doing this to our planet to the point when there will be no nature or even our life. I think that in my 
head everyday, I want to share my wonders with anyone who can trust me. I can make our world a better place. “Bahaha, that's funny,” My older sister, Rosie loves doubting me and my possibilities to change our earth. 
“Why are you even laughing Rosie.” I say. 
“I love how you think you can be the hero to our problems.” Says Rosie, 
“I could just give me a chance.” I say. 
“Emily, look we're doomed and that's a fact.” That's when I thought I can prove her wrong. I grab my tools and go into the garage.
It might have been months, I Emily have made a robot that kills plastic! The robot scans the plastic and uses a laser to turn it into ashes, the ashes get thrown into the sewer then the ashes turn into sand in the ocean. I was called by a world famous inventor he said he would make more of my inventions. “I might have a future ahead of me, I could be famous .” that was all going through my head. I'm really happy I think I solved our plastic problem. 
“So Emily, what are you going to do about global warming?” says Rosie 
“Looks like I have a new project, to solve another world issue.” I say. “I am up for the challenge.” I say “I know I will do anything to help our planet to make it better and cleaner. People need to start believing in the possibilities to help our earth.
” I say, but then I see sparkles forming around me and I begin to fly up into the sky, then out of nowhere I became a superhero I had a cape and everything.
 My name is now EARTH SAVER. I solve problems that all revolve around helping our earth. My friend Isaac walks out of his house looking confused, “Emily is that you?” He says “yes it is me,”I say Isaac has a strange look on his face I tell him I'm a superhero looking for a new sidekick he says he doesn't want to be a sidekick he says sidekicks don't get as much credit as the heroes when they do their job.
“Isaac it's not about how well our actions do the job it's the purpose to help our earth,” I say he understands the point so he is in to help. “OK, Emily what is our first mission?” Isaac asks “I pretty sure we need to get rid of global warming before we focus on anything else,” I say. Issac realized he isn't quite a hero yet he has no costume I made him say the pledge “I will do anything to help our planet to make it better and cleaner,” Isaac yells then he magically becomes a hero.        
     Me and Issac both fly off, “what does global warming look like,” Isaac asks, “you will know when you see it,” Emily said. We flew far as fast as we could across earth then we start flying towards Antarctica, we see all the ice caps melting, starving animals and other things that broke our hearts and we couldn't bare to see all of these things suffer we needed to help and that is what we are going to do. 
Me and Isaac see something far in the distance, we both see a huge monster “Emily is that what I think it is,” Isaac says “yes unfortunately,” I say, All we see is a huge fire monster with a pollution gas factories on its back shaped like spikes, “Maybe I should go,” Isaac says, “Your kidding right,” I say Isaac looked like he was joking so I went flying full speed hitting the global warming monster, “Hey! What was that for?” The monster says, “Do you see what you are doing to our earth!” I yell, “No, what are you talking about,” The monster says, “You can’t see what your doing to our earth?” Isaac says. 
“I haven't been doing anything to harm this earth of yours I'm pretty sure,” the monster says, Me and Isaac look at each other for a second “I feel like the global warming monster is lying about not harming our earth, don't you think?” Isaac says to me “Let's find out,” I say. We have a conversation with the global warming monster they were very clueless about the problems they have caused around our earth so me and Isaac told them the issues they caused. They didn't know they were causing all the ice caps to melt, they are the reason arctic animals are living in a warm environment that supposed to be cold. 

Earth Saver by Hayley Newman

“Did I really do all that?” the monster asked “Yeah we’re sorry but we really needed to tell you,” Isaac said to them, “I came here to Antarctica to cool off and now I guess I’m making things worse,” The monster said. Us as 
heroes want to help but we didn’t want to hurt the monsters feelings so we both suggested to take all the pollution and throw it way out into space so it will never be seen again.     
The global warming monster liked that idea but we first needed to destroy the pollution gas factories, then we needed to get rid of all the pollution near the ozone layer so we got a huge vacuum to get rid of that then we had help from global warming monster to clear all the plastics in our oceans too it came a whole new world for people to enjoy.    
 Life is better when there is nothing to worry about, especially when there are no global issues. “Emily?̈” Isacc asks, “Yes?̈” Emily replies, “Do you think Climate change could be a monster as well?̈” Isacc asks, “I'm glad you brought that up, because apparently we have competitors,” Emily says. “What do you mean?̈” Issac replies, “There are other superheroes besides us you know, and they get to the other earth problems before us like climate change for example,” Emily tells Isaac. “BUT THAT'S OUR JOB, WERE THE SPECIAL HEROES! “ Isaac says loudly,     
“Isaac, it's called teamwork,” Emily says. She calmed down Isaac. Emily and Isaac flew back home like nothing ever happened, they say good night to each other and quietly fly back home and back into bed. What an adventure they have had, could've it been all a dream?  They won't ever know but they will remain heroes in reality or fantasy.
       I wake up at 7:00 Am, my mom wasn't awake yet do make me and my brother breakfast, so i decided to grab a bowl, milk and my cinnamon toast crunch. It was a quiet Saturday morning until I hear my best friend/neighbor, Emily, she was yelling at her older sister, Rosie I was chuckling a bit just because it's funny.    
My little brother, Brody came running down the stairs yelling, “WEEEEEEE!” “Brody shut up mom is sleeping!” I yell, “Does it look like I care?” Brody says back, I just shook my head and ignored his comment. I turned on the family room TV and start watching cartoon network for some hours…..
Months pass it was summer my friend, Emily hasn't been outside in months, I always see her leaving for school sometimes and I say hi but other than that she has just been busy, mostly too busy for me no matter how many times I go up to her door and ask to play.    
 I always get the same response from her mom “Sorry, Emily is busy at the moment,” I just don't understand, does she expect me to sit on my couch and watch tv for the rest of my childhood? Because that's not what I want to do, I want to go on more adventures with Emily we have been best friends for most of our lives, also she is my only true friend.    
 I play basketball all alone outside and Emily's house caught my eye, I start overthinking “Did I do something to her?” “Does she not like me anymore?” All those questions float around my head. What if all of what I’m thinking is true?    
I ran back into the house and go straight to my room I turn on my PC and just start gaming until I hear a knock on my window I look and its Emily! I open the window and I see her levitating I have a confused look on my face, I instantly run downstairs and go outside and all I see is Emily flying while looking like a real superhero, “Emily is that you?” I ask “Yes it's me,” Emily says, I continue having a confused look on my face because I had no idea if this was real or not. “What type of superhero are you anyway?” I ask “I'M AN EARTH SAVER I help save the earth from pollution, global warming and climate change and more probably ”Emily says “I’m looking for a sidekick, are you in?” Emily asks me “Me a sidekick that's funny they don't get any credit for anything,” I say “Isaac, it's not about the action and how we do these things it's the real purpose that counts,” Emily says, I guess she has a point
Emily made me say this weird pledge thing to make me become a superhero but it's worth it if we're really going to save the planet. I suddenly see sparkles forming all around me I'm freaking out in my head but I just played it cool. “I'm flying!” I yell “I see,” Emily replies.     

Earth Saver by Hayley Newman

Emily, tells me about one monster that is taking over the world with its heat and bad air pollution, we both need to know where its located to be able to stop it. Me and Emily travel all around the globe and we use our zooming in superpowers and we see around Antarctica there is the most threatened by air pollution and the water temperature was rising so we instantly fly there, I had no clue what was going on I just followed Emily. When I saw the global warming monster my stomach just did a little drop, it was huge! How could we possibly stop it? “Is that what I 
think it is,” I ask Emily, “Yes, Unfortunately,” Emily says back, I really wanted to leave I don't have enough confidence in myself to even do anything so how could I possibly do this. I keep trying to tell myself everything will be okay, but I started to think again about how it couldn't be okay, then I see Emily going full speed hitting the monster I tried to follow her. The monster started to talk after that he sounded so innocent, I felt really bad that the monster has been doing something they can’t control.     
Me and Emily talked to the Monster for a while he was clueless about all the problems they have been causing but in the end me and Emily helped the monster to become living nature again, we also fixed all the pollution in one snap. Now everyone can live in a world full of clean air, clean water and not one piece of trash on the ground or in the ocean. Me and Emily saved the day, we fly back home and say our goodbyes for the day.     
“Good night, Isaac,”Emily tells me while were levitating in the air a little bit “Good night, today was really fun,” I say to Emily she nods her head and flies straight into her room. I go back to my house and chill, I still wonder why Emily was just gone for that long period of time, maybe I should ask her another day for now I need time to rest. I ponder on how this could all have been a dream how could I believe that I can change the world like that just in an instant, super heroes were not even real to me this morning until Emily somehow showed up at my window, how can that even happen. I think more and more, I just can't help it and then I think about how monsters aren't real too. I can't stop thinking I need to sleep already, I shut my eyes and my room was quiet. 
“He is awake,” Emily says “what happened?” I ask ̈You tried to fly when we were playing earth saver, then you hit your head on the ground,” Emily said back, it was all a dream and I'm just a regular 7 year old kid using my imagination.     
We can't change the world as we know it, two people can't solve these problems its not accurate, no matter how much we wish superheroes can solve these issues. We can only hope and work together as one whole nation on our planet. Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. Its not. -Dr Seuss 



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