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the esscence of the freshly laid snow

November 4, 2019

The Essence of the Freshly Laid Snow
                                         By holly
“̈The last pup just opened his eyes! Oh goody!”,
a strange voice shouted out happily. It almost seemed familiar, though he had never heard it.He tilts his head up to look at his very own mother for the first time.
Not paying attention, he doesn't see the looming figure behind him.
Cold hands scoop the helpless little puppy up. He sees his mother being dragged farther and farther away. It's almost like he had never met her. This day was the start of his new life.
     He fell unconscious due to the shock of being picked up by surprise, once he woke up again he was in a cold metal crate. He was moving! “ What just happened? Where am I? Where is my mom?!” he asked himself. Although it sounded more like a yelp. He stood up in the cramped space and pawed at the door. A loud, deep, voice responded, “ BE QUIET YOU STUPID MUTT. NOW.” He folded back his ears and winced. 
He was soon greeted by a bright white light and a lot of unfamiliar smells and sounds. Almost like… was that crying? Then there was a thump that made him lurch forward and the crates door swung open. He hesitated, the crate was then tilted, forcing him out. He landed with a whine and slid across the floor. When the small pup regained his balance and shook himself off and he was met with four tiny faces just like his.
 A voice piped up from among the crowd. “ Are you the last brother!?”
Another small fluffy red Pomeranian said to him. “My name is Amaya. It means “night rain.”
“Uuh.. I don't have a name yet,” the newcomer questioned. Amaya pranced over to him then poked and prodded him with her paw. “Hmmm. You seem like a…. YUKI!” He then responded in shock. “ Yuki.. I like that! Does it mean anything too?” Amaya smiled then blurted out, “ Yup! It means snow. You’re so fluffy! Like the brother we lost.. His name was Yuki, too. Sadly he didn't make it.” Amaya’s expression turned grim and her eyes seemed to lose their sparkle.“The big man took him. He's gone forever. When the big man takes you, you never come back.” Yuki's mind swirled with all the horrific possibilities, he shuddered. All around him were familiar faces, but brand new places. Especially one that always had him on guard and uneasy. He decided it would be a good idea to find a little nook to sleep in for the night. He settles in between some books and a towel and dozes off. He awakes the next morning, expecting to feel the warm fur of his mother. Instead he just feels the cold hard surface of the concrete.
 Yuki stands up and swipes away the towel covering his makeshift den. “ huh. I guess everyone's still asleep.” yuki groaned. Still a little bit groggy. All he heard was the silent whisper of the morning air.
He took this serene quiet time to fully observe his surroundings. It was a metal gate surrounding the kennels with a hard concrete floor, with debris littered about.Everything smelled like wet gravel and rotten food. His only source of nourishment for now.
It was heaven almost hell, his saving grace and his prison of despair. He tasted the uneasiness in the atmosphere around him. His mind contemplating whether this is still a dream or reality.


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