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Robot E-5006

November 22, 2019

“Crcr Crcr”, “ meeting in the office only soldiers and commander will attend this meeting “. A soldier said threw the speaker.
“ Welcome everyone I have made this meeting because we are Area 51!! And I think we should do something about what is happening to the earth,have you guys seen the ocean it's filthy and I think we should come up with ideas on how to bring back are old earth back to what it was before humans invade it”. The commander said.
Then a soldier stood up and said, “ I agree with you sir, I think we should do something because I heard David, and his scientists say that by 2050 there would be more trash than fish and I think we should have ships pick all that trash that are in the ocean and they should pick trash in land as well ̈. One of the soldiers said.
̈ ̈Okay genius than were are we going to put all that trash that they pick up ̈. Commander said.
̈ ̈Sir, I have an idea we should have David and the other scientist make this robot that sucks in all the bad chemicals and trash and make it into something useful and we can use it, how bout that I think that a good idea sir ̈. Allen the soldier said.
̈Yes, yes, yes I think that's a great idea Allen, go have David and the other scientists make that and don't tell them that they have a time limit, tell them that they can have as much time as needed”. Commander said in an excited tone.
“ Yes sir”. Allen the soldier said, left right out the meeting to go to David.
When Allen, got there he saw all kinds of new stuff but he didn't concentrate on that he just went to tell David something but he couldn't hold himself, so he asked David what that red looking worm thing was, “ David, what is that thing”. Allen said.
“ My friend that is a worm that I believe can cure cancer but we have to see if it works”. David said.
“ That's cool but I didn't come here to talk about that I came here to tell you, that commander wants you and your scientist to make a robot that cleans like the whole world”. Allen said.
“Okay your not going to believe this but I have been making a robot that can do that but the only thing that it can do is clean up trash and make it into something useful, and not harmful to the earth”. David said.
When Allen heard that he wanted to see it so bad but he also wanted to be surprised for himself so he didn’t say anything and left.
̈ ̈ Bye David ̈. Allen said.
̈ ̈Bye ̈.
 Then David was having his partners start to make something that could make more plants and animals so it would be more like the earth before ,then when one of them found out how to make bees everyone was excited,Than “ BOOM”, ̈What was that ̈.One of the soldiers said. 
“You felt that too” Another soldier said.And the floors were shaking and everyone went outside to see what was happening and David on the other hand. Didn't even feel it he was listening to rock music and working on the robot and singing along to the music “yeahhhhhh, nah nah,nahhh”. David singing.
But everyone else was trying to figure out what was happening and when one of the soldiers was looking he saw people throwing grenades and the soldier said “ Grenades they are throwing grenades run every one”. And every one ran as fast as they could but Allen wasn't scared and took out his gun and shot 5 times in the air to scare who ever was throwing grenades, and they did and everyone was in shock for why the people were throwing grenades. But after that everyone went back to work and David, was still listening to music and singing, but he was also on his 200 robot and he was super stressed out and that’s why he was listening to music and 1 month had passed since commander told him to make the robot. 
9 Months later,
David actually found a way to remake more trees for every time a person cuts one off, it just regrows in 5 seconds back, and when David found out how to do that he tested right away and it worked, everyone was so happy they all jumped up and down, 
“ we did it we did it,wait I did it, you guys didn't help me”.
Well this is only the beginning and we still have a long journey to go with David. 
1 Hour later
You know that worm thing that David, and Allen were talking about well that worm thing broke out his glass cage and killed one of the scientists that was working on it but not only did it do that it also brought babies in earth and when it escaped the babies were hiding under her, then David saw that it escaped and got super scared and got out his newest invention the freeze spray and froze the babies and the worm. What they did is they unfroze the worm but if it tried to attack it would get stung, what they were trying to do is train it or if that didn’t work it’ll be sent back to where it came from. Well after 2 months the worm got trained and it was true it did cure cancer so by months or two David is figuring out amazing things of how to cure stuff so that means that David doesn't have to put something on the robot to cure cancer, because we have the worm now so that solves something but when the trainers were training the worm David actually found the other part of the robot he found how the robot can fly to places easily and faster.When he found out that he figured it out he was really happy again
 “ yes,yes'' '.David said.
After that he took his lunch break because he was proud of himself so when he went to  eat, his wife called 
“ honey, I think you should have a break and quit that job and do something else because I haven't seen you in months all you have been doing is work work work!!”. David wife said on the phone.
“But honey i'm doing this for us, am making money for us”. David said.
“ I know but still!,
 Your always working and never home and this is the first time you answered your phone since the past months”. David wife said.
“I know and am sorry I’ve been working really hard trying to make the world a better place for the people and animals”.David said.But after he said that she hung up on him, and he just went back to eating. 1 week pass and David’s wife calls again but this time angrier 
“ I..Want.. A  DIVORCE!`.Davids going to be ex wife says.
“ Wait what do you mean you want a divorce but I thought you loved me”.
David said.
“I did but I met someone else that actually wants to be with me and be around me not like someone”. She said.
“Am really sorry just give me one more chance please just one more chance..”. David said in a desperate way.
“ Am really sorry I hope you find someone else.” She said.
And she ended the call.
 3 months later David actually found 15 more parts,and one of the parts that was really hard to work on is how to fix air pollution and David test it out as fast as he could because of how excited he was but when he tested it, he had to make a part of the robot so it can move and do all 16 parts of the robot to work and it took him a week to make that specific part. But it was 3am when he finished and he was so tired that he just went to sleep on his desk. 
“Am so tired I haven't slept all week”. David said tiredly and just went to sleep.
It was 1 pm and David slept for 11 hours and didn't even wake up once but when he woke up he went straight to the bathroom and you know what happens in the bathroom so I don't want to tell you what he did, but when he finished he went back to work and then.
“Hey maggot what are you doing”. Commander said.
“ working on the robot sir but right now what am doing is doing parts of the robots and if I fail on that part then I don’t put on the robot ,but am not even close to done sir but I will eventually”. David said.
Commander just left without saying a word.
5 months later and David actually found someone else and there were on a date right now but there leaving the place that they were eating at, then David saw his ex wife and he hadn't seen her in a long time only when they had pumped into her when he was getting groceries for the first time in a long time but they didn't say anything and just walked away from each other but this time they just said hi,
But they just went back to there life.
 6 years pass David finally finished the robot and when he did,he went to test it like 10 times to make sure it fully and it did, he was so happy and tired.
“I finally finished, this is the best day of my life for me, me and my fiance are getting married today and I finally finished the robot it has everything to fix the world”. David said, yes you heard that 2 months ago David propose to the girl that he was dating 6 years ago and they are now getting married. 
5 minutes later David went straight to commander and told him to meet the robot that is going to change the world.
“ Sir sir uh meet the robot that's going to change the world”. David said and the robot was flying with the jetpack and when the robot saw that there was a plastic water bottles he ate all of the and remade them into a reusable water bottle.
“Wow this thing is amazing what else can it do David”.Commander said impressed.
̈Okay sir well the robot will launch in an hour and by that time when it launches my wedding will me starting”. David said.
“Yeah I will be there and everyone else too so see you there”. Commander said and everyone went to the wedding and the wedding is about to start.
“ I know him he's my cousin”. David’s cousin said. 
Then everyone was hearing this like loud sound it was the robot, then everyone blinked and they saw waterfalls and the air felt cleaner and the plastic water bottles were turned into reusable water bottles and when the wedding started David's wife dress was turned into this flower dress and when the Celebrant said that they can kiss they kissed and the robot threw like flowers and
“ A bear everyone fly away” David cousin said.
But David put jetpacks on everyone in case ,but they also left happy because the world was back to normal.
The End.





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