Shyla Dala

United States

​Bruised and Abused

November 5, 2019

By: Shyla D.
       It was a sunny day at Wallaway Fair. Fair day where we meet farm animals.
    Now I was excited and knew I wouldn’t be guilty because I am a vegetarian. It was a long two hours before I got there, but I arrived. The animals were so adorable and some were very happy. But one animal in particular caught my eye. A goat sitting in a corner facing a door inside his hut. It was closed so the goat couldn’t get in. 
      I walked over and the goat did not move. I tried to move where his face was so I could say “Hi”, but the goat got up and moved away like I was gonna hurt him, [The goat was clearly a boy]    
      I noticed he had a lot of bruises, and I didn’t think much of it, but he was sad and did not want to be touched or looked at.
     I was seriously curious of what the bruises were from and why his ribs were popping out, so I went up to one of the workers and asked
   “What are his bruises from and why is he so skinny?”he replied with,
      “Oh he was when he was young and he was born skinny”.
       “What’s his name” I asked
        “He doesn’t have a name” he replied.    
        “But why do all the others have names then” I added.
         “You ask too many questions little girl”     he snapped.
     I decided to stay there late, past visiting hours to see what really was going on. Since he didn’t have a name I decided to name him Bruce. [Because hes a boy, and he's bruised, ok anyway].
      It took so long, but visiting hours were finally over and it was dark at this point. I felt like I was gonna see something I didn’t want to see and I was scared for me and for Bruce.
    So I crawled to Bruce's hut. I was startled by a man who was talking about Bruces. Bruce looked so scared of the man, and Bruce looks like he has just given up.
    The guy slammed this vomit-ish food at him and yelled
    “Here you go skinny boy”
    “Eat up or you’ll die, haha your so skinny” he continues
     “Oh wait we don’t really feed you” he laughs as he walks away.
        I was absolutely speechless, astonished because I couldn’t believe he said that. But that wasn't even the worst part.
    There enters a blonde lady and she speaks to Bruce,
       “Look at this dumb goat”
       “Why do we waste our time with him, when we could just cook him, and get his milk” she continues,
        “Yeah, why can’t we get rid of him, he’s useless, gos I hate goats” the man says.
           Ten they did something I will never be able to forget. The woman kicks him and the man dumps more food on him. Like what did he ever do to you.
     All Bruce did was lay there and lick the food off the ground. I was about to go and hurt them but I remembered that I was not supposed to be there.
      I waited 5 minutes and walked up to Bruce's hut and used my jacket to wipe him and to try to pick and a blanket that he had. 
    When I would try to pick him up he would scoot away and bite me. 
      It took a whole ten minutes but he finally agreed to let me pick him up, but he trusted me when I gave him some of the treats on the side of the hut. I quietly krept out of the barn, but of course I had to trip on a rake and made a loud bang. But I made sure to hide Bruce and me. Four people came running out and I tried to stay as calm and quiet as possible. It was hard to stay calm and quiet with my loud breathing. My breath was as loud as a microwave but yet I couldn’t control it, plus Bruce's snoring (I’m surprised they didn’t hear us).
   One of the girls said “Dang it the goats gone”, the guy who poured the food on Bruce said
      “Maybe he will be eaten by a coyote and we won’t have to worry about him” he said jokingly,
       “Um he is worth money and he is too skinny for the coyotes anyway” snapped the girl. Gosh I wanted to punch them but I was technically trespassing, but, whatever.
    The others scattered as I remained silent. As all of them made their way through the barn, I managed to get out of the bush and start to walk to my car. 
     Then I felt a tense shove and as I turn to the side there stands the blonde lady, and Bruce ran. Then so many of the workers crowded me yelling
    “Who are you!”
      “You took the goat, didn’t you”
    “Where’s the goat!”
    Those were the words I could make out, since I could barely hear with all the yelling. Thanks to my mom I took jiu jitsu classes when I was 11, I kicked their ankles and and screamed so loud they covered their ears in pain.
    As I started sprinting towards my car I remembered “Bruce!”, but I had no choice because the workers started to get up, so I bolted. 
   When I got to my car I turned the car on and got the heck out of there. As I was approximately 30 minutes away from that place I felt a piece of glass stroked my leg, and so I looked into the rear view mirror and saw that the window was broken!
    A couple minutes I heard some shifting in the back seat and I look back and said “AHHH Bruce, what are you doing in here!” I screamed as I was startled. I had no idea how he got in the car until I realized that's probably why my window was broken. 
   The drive was long and awkward (probably because I have a stolen goat in my backseat eating fabric). 
    We finally got home and we were both exhausted. “I feel like I could sleep through winter and spring” I said out loud. Bruce jumped on my couch and winced in pain as he itches his injuries.
     The next morning we went to the vet to get his wounds treated. When we got back to my apartment complex I overheard some people talking about how a goat escaped last night and a woman injured their employees. I thought that it had to be the people from Wallaway Fair, but I thought nothing of it, and so I went out to get groceries.
      When I came back I heard yelling and banging and I thought “I must get to Bruce”. So I quietly ran to my door, but when I got to my door I screamed in horror. A scene that I’ll never forget, let’s just say the people from the barn got their revenge, and that involved, Bruce. MY heart dropped from my chest, my stomach in my throat, and my balance lost.
   I looked at them right in the eyes as they ran off leaving. Then I suddenly woke up with a startled and said “It was just a dream, thank gosh”.
  Now I work at an Animal Farm Refuge for animals that are abandoned, neglected, injured, and abused. I am also dairy-free and meat-free. My life has been better since that horrific dream.

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