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The boy who saved the school

November 20, 2019

Rinnnggg! was the sound that woke John, only to see a beautiful San Diego sunrise,it looked like someone through orange and grape juice in the sky, with a tad bit of  pink lemonade.    
        “Hurry up John you don’t want to be late on the first day.” called his mom from down stairs. 
        “I’m coming mom.” called John. A few moments later John came down wearing a plaid vest he just ironed. “I’m ready mom.” said John “Ok now, eat your food.” So John wolfed down his fish.” You better be in the driveway before I come down stairs.” John’s mother “ok mom just stop yelling.” said John. For the next 45 minutes John and his mom were sitting in traffic. Whats taking so long John thought to himself. Finally the traffic started to move, but then John saw someone throw a plastic cup out their window.For some reason John felt terrible like he just committed a crime, no murder. “ Mom why do people litter even when they aren’t allowed?” 
“ Because people don’t care and it's just esiaer.”  Just then he thought about his dad, He started wonder why his dad had to be in Iraq, why he joined the marines.Was it all just to make a difference, prove to his great grandfather that he could? That John never knew. 
But John thought he himself could make a difference just like his dad. But then his mom burst his thought bubble. “We’re here John” His mom announced. John stepped out of the car, “Mom, why can't I go to a public school like everyone else?” John asked in a sad voice “Because you got the highest SAT score in your school.”His mom said proudly, “Well I wish I didn’t get the highest SAT score.” Mumbled John. “John listen you will make friends all you have to do is find someone that has something in common with you.” His mother said in a hopeful voice “Ok mom.” said John half mumbling “Have a good day!” John’s mom shouted across the parking lot “Ok mom!” John shouted back,while he walked away. John was surprised by how small his middle school was, and he was surprised that there were 100 kids in each grade! Now he started to think about his friend, his name was Sam they were friends since Kindergarten all the way up to 5th grade, but then a month after they finished 5th grade John found out that he got the highest score on the SAT.John was kind of happy but knew he would have to go to a school for smart kids.Which he didn’t want to go to. John walked down the wide 6th grade hallway and dropped his backpack in his locker which had an electronic lock that looked like the screen of an Apple watch  that he had on.
“All right class settle down settle down.”said John’s history teacher whose name was Mr Albert. “Now can anyone tell me their most favorite time in history?” said Mr Albert who was the skinniest person he had ever seen “You” said Mr Albert pointing at John while he said it “The 20th century,” said John. “Tell me why young man.”said Mr Albert “Because that's when we started to create everything that we have now.”said John like he knew what he was saying “Thank you young man.” “Would anyone else like to share?”asked Mr Albert like he had someone in mind. “Okay then you all will be in my class for the next 55 minutes, we will all get to know each other in that time.” Mr Albert said proudly as if he solved all the world’s problems.            
  “All right everyone grab a pencil and a name tag.” Mr Albert said in his normal voice. John noticed he was the first one to sit down because he had no one to talk to.
“Alright let’s start with you John,tell us where you were born.” said Mr Albert staring at him. “I was born in Okinawa but both of my parents are american and raised here in San Diego for most of my life.”said John kinda embarrassed that he went first.
Time went by fast John had spent 30 minutes sleeping through everyone else’s  introductions.”Everyone find an empty seat at the desktops,and wait for instructions.”said Mr Albert in a terminator voice. John kinda liked Mr Albert because he could do a lot of funny voices including the terminator voice which John couldn’t do. “Allright class login to your desktops,Carlos is passing out the login cards.” 
John admired how clean the classrooms were,compared to his elementary school.But everyone seemed to do things brainlessly as if they were robots,but also it was easier to focus because he didn’t have to tell people to shut up,stop looking at my paper,or be a sitch because someone cheated by looking at his paper. But he still missed his friend and his classmates.But John thought that the front of school looked like downtown LA,because there was graffiti,and there was trash everywhere,also it smelled like a hobo slept in front of the school,and the bathroom was the worst it always smelled like poop and there was always a piece of gum stuck to the wall, always. So this school had some goods and bads,but there were more bad things  than good things about the school. John made up his mind as soon he could he would run for school president clean up the school to make everyone see how great the school really is .Then his thought bubble got popped again by the bell this time “Alright class head down to math and don’t forget to stop by your backpack first to grab the stuff you need.” Mr Albert said half shouting. John grabbed his stuff and then headed down to math class.
John’s math teacher’s name was Ms Heather who didn’t make us do any math yet instead we were getting to know each other even more.She asked us questions like What type of dog do you have,or Do you have a cat if you do then what type of cat is it. It was overwhelming, but fun to get to know everyone.And soon enough John had his first friend his name was Carlos the kid who passed out the desktop login cards,and Carlos liked the same things that John did like video games,football,drawing, plastic models,and cars,sport cars to be exact. Carlos was the perfect friend for John and by the end of the day                    


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