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an automaton put back together wrong

ten lies i wish were true

March 22, 2015

1. I wish we really were standing on the shoulders of giants. It is better to stand on someone's shoulders than on their corpse.

2. I wish love really did make us human. Then I could talk to my cat like an old friend, and we wouldn't have all this blood on our hands.

3. I wish that were true. The truth is if humans had any more love in them they'd devour each other whole. And they'd probably shoot the moon on their way out, too.

4. I wish I really were a robot like my friends say. Then the tick tick tick of everything would synchronize with my positronic matrix and I would understand, at last.

4a. Also, I would say Hello how are you beep boop and people would nod and accept this, yes, this is how it should be, that is a good thing for a robot to say.

5. I wish milk really did expire on the date it says on the carton. It just sort of dies when it wants to. That's not fair. That's like people.

6. I wish I didn't have to wash my hands so much. They get dry from all the soap.

7. I wish I could wash my hands right now.

8. I wish she never stopped fighting. I wish there had been something to fight. I wish you could punch Death in the face. Well, maybe not Death. It's not his fault, after all. It's Life that gave up too soon.

9. I wish the truth really were out there. Out there is easy. In here is hard.

9a. Because of all the lies, you see.

10. I wish God really were listening. But only to the good stuff.

10a. On the other hand, I listen to my cat at 4am. Why shouldn't God? C'mon, Lord, give me some kibbles, it's almost dawn and I've been up all night tearing up your sofa.


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