Loves: BTS more than anything. Hobbies: writing poetry (and stories if I have time), singing my lungs out to K-Pop, dreaming every day. Main aspirations: to become an author, to see BTS in person.

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Hello to everyone on Write the World, this is Flaw. I've been publishing my work since November 2018. Hope that you all will take the time to read them (Inkitt - Flaw, Wattpad - @free620)! Since this box is for a message, here's one I would like to share with you: always be true to yourself. What I mean by that is accepting you as you, especially the flaws you have. Why my pseudonym is the same as a word with a negative connotation is because I would like to show the world that even with many imperfections, I believe that my flaws are an inseparable part of me and, thus, shape me to be perfect. I hope through my writing I can convey this to you and that everyone can learn to become the truest version of yourself!

Mic Drop

November 16, 2019

PROMPT: Microphone

If you lowered a microphone into the perfect utopian world of Flaw on a perfect day, you might hear small tinkling sounds of giggles and laughter, the wet sounds of soft, intimate kisses, the slow sound of people breathing, and BTS music being played on the lowest volume possible from a phone.


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