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ONLY YOU #GOrwell2

By: KiwiCat ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ


A Bad Decision

 “Savannah Ripple!” The Matron hollered.
Ugh, wake-up call… I thought to myself while dragging myself out of my hard metal bed (This was surprising that I wanted to stay in the bed! They’re usually so uncomfortable the other girls can’t wait till wake-up call!)
“Late again, like usual! Hurry up and get to the cafeteria before you get a whipping!” The matron barked, shoving me down the hallway.
The matrons and nurses always warn the girls (mostly me) that if you don’t do this or that you’ll get a whipping, but we never do. The only thing that’s close enough to that is a quick smack on our thigh or a flick on the ear.
As I dragged my feet down the corridor and through the cafeteria doors I saw Natalie sitting at an empty table, looking very mournful. As soon as she saw me coming through the doors, her face instantly regained its bright, peachy colour and she waved to me, inviting me over to the table.
“Hey, Nat!” I called running over.
“Hey Savy… Why were you so late again?! You left me here for 10 whole minutes, by myself looking like a lonely nerd!” She hissed, looking quite annoyed, but I could see she wasn’t that angry at me, since I have done this many times before.
“I know, I know… Sorry, but I had that weird dream again about me running through the hills on a farm with my parents and a wolf by my side… I couldn’t help but sleep in!” I sighed, knowing what was coming next.
“I’m still very annoyed at you!” She half grumbled, have smiled, we both couldn’t hold it in any longer and both burst out laughing! After finally catching our breath, the breakfast bell rang. Hundreds of hungry girls thundered through the cafeteria to the tables, all wanting to be first in line.
Usually, everyone wants to be at the back of the line, because the food is disgustingly horrible that no-one wants to eat it, but you must, or you’ll go hungry! Luckily the cafeteria chef (Mrs Lambkins) was getting too old and suddenly dropped dead while cooking one of her infamous meals.  Last week we got a new, professional caterer; Miss Fran! She cooks the BEST food in the entire world! Unfortunately, the bullies of the orphanage, pushed right through Nat and me as we were trying to get close to the front and we were knocked over and shoved all the way to the back!
After breakfast, our usual routine required us to head down to the hall to hear what chores we had to do.
“Hey, Nat?” I asked her, as we walked down the hall. “Yah? What’s up?” She replied, slowing down to let me catch up.
“When do you think… We will get adopted? It’s just that I’ve been here for what feels like my whole life, and I’m totally sick of this place!” I growled, stamping my feet on floor, making a slight crack in the rusty old metal floorboards; it was almost like a prison; here.
“Well… No? People like us don’t usually get adopted at our age…” She sighed.
 “What do you mean by that?” I asked, coming up closer to her.
We are both twelve, according to our records we share the same birth date: 15th August 1902.
“Well, you see… The thing is people are more likely to want to start a new life, so they choose babies that are cuter, the little ones don’t remember much about this orphanage! So, since we are both twelve, we are most unlikely to be picked!  Maybe you should look at it from a different perspective.  Just think, when we turn 18 we can get out of here! Only six years to go! Just think, freeeeedom! When that happens, this orphanage can't deprive us any longer! When we would be in the outside world we can grow stronger!” She explained with a glimmer of hope.
I sighed and looked into her eyes, all I could see was sadness.  Another six years was a long time to spend here when I could be with a family who loved me! Everybody hated this place! It was like a small little prison for unwanted children, was it a crime for being unwanted?
I wonder why my parents gave me up? Did they even love me? I can’t remember anything much about them, I guess I was too young to have any clear memories of them. Yet, that dream bothered me much, why did it keep coming back?  Could it be a memory and not just a random, recurring dream?  But just like every other time my mind wondered about these things I forced the thoughts away and composed my mind to think of something else. This time there wasn’t much else to entertain my thoughts with. Now dragging my feet to the end of the hall where Nat and I met up with the rest of the children.  The nurses were stopping everybody talking by pinching their cheeks.
“Attention girls!” The matron snapped, rising her strap into the air and slapping it onto her thigh, making a huge cracking sound.
“We need better order in this house! Ok… Number one! All girls under the age of 5 are to polish the floors in this very hall and all the way to the dorms,” A huge groan went up throughout the hall.
“Number two! All girls between eleven and fifteen are too clean the gardens and yard and to empty the privy buckets!” She hollered looking at her 5 feet long list.
Another big groan went up and down the hall, I think Nat and I gave the largest groan because the matron gave us a deathly stare. Because seriously who wants to clean toilets! Well not necessarily toilets; we must use buckets and to add to that we must now empty out all the poo and urine.  Nat and I shudder at the thought.
“Lastly girls between six and ten are too clean the kitchen and wash all the dishes.” Yet, again another huge groan.
“All depart!” The matron demanded waddling back to her office.
You see she is extremely fat; the only thing she really does is eat chocolate all day long in her stinking office! Well, that’s what it seemed like anyway! Seriously, she’s an over grown pig!
10 Minutes later, we found ourselves on our knee’s in the scullery scrubbing all the privy buckets! It’s a horrid experience, which I hope you never have to go through, the whole thing took exactly 3 hours’! You know why? Because when the nurses collect the buckets they then leave them sitting full of urine and poo for days on end.  When we clean them, it becomes quite hard to scrub it all the muck that’s become crusty and caked onto the buckets. It’s like trying to scrub concrete off the floor! Most of the urine has evaporated into the air making the room smell like a garbage dump! The smell is desperately awful! Four girls in my group have already vomited into the buckets while they were cleaning, making the situation even worse! Natalie and I always swallow the vomit that comes up our throats, we don’t want to keep the vomit chain going.
You know what happened to a girl in my grade last term? Molly, a shy, quiet girl who was scared of everything had to experience the horror of cleaning out the privy’s and she vomited into the bucket, which she looked at and then vomited right onto the girl next to her, who was Alyssa and she vomited from the sight and then it kept going like a daisy chain, until the very last girl…meeee! I hardly ever get sick! Luckily.
“Okay Girls! Times up, go have you recess now! You’ve had a long day of work.” One of the nurses said coming through the door.
That was nurse Cora, she’s the best nurse in all the orphanage! She is always kind, especially to Natalie and me… I wonder why? You know what’s funny, Natalie and I look very similar, some of the nurses get mixed up and think we’re siblings, Ha! Like that would ever be true! We look quite different from each other, I have dark raven hair and she has darkish brown and black hair, similar but not the same. I have pure green emerald eyes and she has aqua eyes, we both have oval shaped faces with a bunch of freckles all over our noses! Pretty similar… but we are definitely not related, we both have total opposite personalities!
During recess Nat and I saw one little girl being pushed around by the bullies in our grade. I’ve always hated seeing other kids being picked on, so I decided to help her out. Unfortunately, the bullies, even though they were in my grade were a lot bigger than me… So, things didn’t turn out that well.
“Hey!” I shouted angrily over the other side of the court.
“Hey, look who it is! The lil’ squirt of the orphanage!” They mocked, laughing their heads off.
My face fumed with anger and sorrow for the little girl, as she cowered into the corner of the wall. The three bullies are Rylee, Mackenzie and Reagan, they are the worst people to be around with. Rylee is just a plain, mean bully and is always looking out for more trouble to cause. She is tall, skinny, covered in freckles and has crazy, frizzy ginger hair. I always think of her as a rabbit because her two front teeth are too large for her face and mouth causing them to poke out over her lips. Mackenzie on the other hand is a total beauty queen and spends most of her day looking at her pretty porcelain face in the mirror, playing with her gorgeous, black hair or admiring her perfectly shaped body (early puberty onset! Not fair!) while looking down on everyone else because of her God given beauty!                                
Reagan is the worst. Plain is the best way to describe her: plain hair colour, plain face, plain features, just plain, plain, plain!  She’s also chunky; big boned and muscly as Nat best describes it.  Reagan takes every chance that she finds to torment me by either pulling my hair, tripping me over or just doing anything to annoy me.  What has she got against me?  Sometimes I wonder if the matron secretly asked her to wreak havoc on me. You know what’s even worse? They all suck up to the adults and whenever the nurse’s and matron’s backs are turned, they use this time to bully kids and torment Natalie and me. But when the matrons and nurses are watching they act like innocent lambs. It sickens me to just even THINK about their horrible deeds!
“What’s wrong with you people? Picking on innocent little kids! Do you have any sense in that minuscule brain of yours?” I said angrily, shoving Mackenzie into Reagan (Big mistake).
“You’ll pay for that squirt” She hissed, stepping up and moving her face close to mine.
 “Pay for what? That plastic surgery on your hideous face?” I laughed, stepping back a few steps.
Rylee sniggered, and Mackenzie shot her a look of ‘do that again and I will make your life miserable’ Rylee instantly stopped and looked away embarrassed. Rylee and Reagan are like Mackenzie’s little ducklings following her everywhere, if you weren’t part of their group then you were toast!
*BRING! * The end of recess bell went and we all rushed inside, pushing and shoving, because the person that’s always last is the one that gets the rod on their hand. That’s, how I met Natalie she was the last person to make it inside and she got smacked with the rod, she ran off crying and I followed her and sat down with her, something we had in common was no friends, so we instantly hit it off straight away.
“You just wait till lunch!” Mackenzie said spitting in my face, and then she ran off with her little ducklings into the building.
“Savannah!!” Natalie called rushing over to me.
“Why did you do that?! You are going to be DEAD-MEAT.” She cried, shaking me.
“I know… But I’m strong enough to take their little stunts! At least they let the poor little girl off.” I shrugged, heading towards the door of the orphanage.
 “That’s true, but they won’t let YOU off, will they miss smarty pants?” She sighed catching up to me.
“Well” I said but was cut off when we saw a very angry looking nurse standing in front of us, blocking our way.
“Well, well, well! What do we have here? The little trouble maker and little Natalie! Why are you two so late?” She bellowed grabbing us by the cuff of our shirts.
“We uh- did um-…” Natalie stuttered, obviously petrified of the nurse’s furious face.
 “We urgently needed the privy, so we are a bit late!” I managed to say, pulling Natalie and myself out of the nurse’s fierce grip.
“Is that so? Well, hurry up you filthy children, get to class this instant!” She snapped, shoving us down the hallway.
Natalie and I hurried off to class and quickly sat down at our usual desk beside Emma the nerd and Michelle the walking disaster. “Class!” Miss Higgins bellowed.
“Today you must learn ALL your times tables from six to twelve off by heart by lunch time, which will give you exactly 40 minutes to learn them! Usually I’ll only give you twenty, but I am in a good mood today, so you are very fortunate to have this opportunity!” She confirmed, sitting down at her desk and looking at a fashion magazine.
“Miss? May we have 50 minutes?” Emma asked, fidgeting with her broken nails.
“No! Do not press your luck!” The teacher snapped, easing her feet onto her desk.
We all sighed, opening our maths books on our desks and tried to study for the next hour on our stupid times tables, unfortunately most girls only learnt their 6’s to their 8’s, only Emma (a big nerd) made it up to her 12 times tables.  The rest of us only learnt their times tables to 8, this meant a rapping on our knuckles with the teacher’s ruler. You only have to bear the strikes up to ten, after that your hands lose feeling in their fingers for half the day.  I should know, it’s happened to me twice now!  I was determined this time not to have numb hands again!
“Savannah Ripple!” The teacher called, standing up from her desk.
“Y-yes miss?” I stammered, rising slowly from my desk.
“What times table equations did you get up to?” She asked peering over at me.
 “U-uh… 12?” I lied fidgeting with my fingers. “Are you asking me or telling me?” She sighed, staring straight into my eyes.
“T- telling you? I did twelve miss! I never lie!” I said, telling her two lies straight in a row.
“Humph! Then you will be able to tell me what’s nine times nine?” She asked squinting her eyes in my direction.
“81!” I replied proudly, I was looking over at Emma’s times table sheet, so I could get all of the answers, but unfortunately, she caught me looking and turned it over, if miss Higgins asked me a twelve times table equation I was definitely in for some knuckle rapping!
“Twelve times twelve!” She asked, sniggering to herself because no one knew this one beside Emma.
Yes! I know this one, because I overheard some year 9 girls talking about it yesterday, what luck! I thought to myself happily.
“What are you smiling about?” The teacher hissed walking up to my desk.
“N-nothing miss! The answer is 144!” I replied smugly and sat back down in my seat.
Miss Higgins fumed with anger, because something that’s weird with her is that she LIKES to rap peoples knuckles, it takes away all the anger from her when her boyfriend broke up with her, personally I’m not surprised he did! Especially with a face like hers!  Her face was covered in what I could best describe as knots.  Yes, little knots all over her face.  Maybe all that anger made her skin knot up. She showed those knots off a whole lot more by the way she styled her hair; pulled back so tight and rolled in a tiny bun which sat right on top of her head! Miss Higgins looked more surprised than angry, luckily, she took out her anger on Mackenzie, but I knew this would make Mackenzie even more mad at me, and at lunch I bet I was REALLY going to get it!
*Bring* Oh. No. I had just got into drawing a REALLY good picture of a wolf, and the bell had just rung with me realizing that I was in serious trouble with the three most vile girls in this whole orphanage! My life was going to end right here, RIGHT NOW!  Just thinking about it, made a shiver go down my spine! I didn’t even talk to Natalie as I was shuffling down the hall from class, I was too scared to even speak, my mouth was fast asleep from fright!
I know I might be exaggerating a little bit, but you don’t know how bad those girls can get! Once a little girl who was violently sick threw up all over Mackenzie’s fake high heels. But that girl is super sensitive about the way she looks, so things turned UGLY. She lifted the girl off the ground by her dress and shoved her back down onto the ground and the poor little thing smacked her head right into the hard-concrete floor cracking her head open.  How the girl survived the fall I’ll never know. You should have seen the look on Mackenzie’s face when she saw the blood trickling down the girl’s forehead! She looked like she had seen a ghost and she looked even worse when the matron came running over with her face turning white and crimson red at the same time from fury and horror.
The matron took away all her designer brand clothes from the toy drive that came a week ago, she only gave them back when Mackenzie wrote out 500 lines saying “I am a bully and I am worthless” I actually felt kind of sorry for her. Maybe. Just a little?
As I walked out of the doors to the outside playground, I could see Mackenzie and her little ducklings laughing about all the horrible things they’d done. I slowly crept down the steps near their little hangout area, I didn’t dare look them in the eye, because I’d rather have SOME time with my friends before my deadline, you know what I wish I had? A beautiful, majestic wolf to always keep watch over me and keep me safe from harm. If you didn’t know already I absolutely LOVE wolves! They are so majestic and fluffy, they’d definitely keep me safe from Mackenzie!
Oh, how I wish we were allowed to go outside of the orphanage boundaries! Then I could run away and NEVER come back. I would obviously take Natalie with me, because she’s my best friend and has been ever since I came to this wretched place! If I escaped, Natalie and I could each have a wolf and then our lives would be perfect! Well... if only we had our parents as well, I don’t know if mine are dead, Natalie knows that hers are though, the nurse said so, they stepped on a land mine during the war the day after they left her, it was on the news.  The war brought many girls to the orphanage.  Actually, the orphanage building was completely empty before the war.  War brings no good to any land, only evil. It brings hopelessness, tares families apart. It takes and takes and only throws the dead back. More thoughts, I have to push these away…again.
Knocked Out!

 “Hey! You know you can see us! Come back here!” Reagan called to me, laughing with her friends.
Just great! They spotted me… What was I to do now? I thought sourly.
“Well, you know what we have to do, don’t you sweetie? I know that you’ve always wanted a piece of that delicious chocolate that we stole from you when you were only a sweet girl of six… Well, how about I give you a piece of me?” Mackenzie teased, cracking her knuckles sensing the fear in my gut, my heart thumped with fear, what was she going to do next?
Throw into the 5-metre-deep ditch? Throw me of a cliff?! There wasn’t really anything she could do to really hurt me, I was too big to be thrown on the ground, let alone to even crack my head on it! Wasn’t I? 
Mackenzie took five steps back, stretching her muscles and making sure that no nurses or matrons were watching except for Natalie and all the other children. Mackenzie knows they won’t tell because what she’s about to do to me, is what will happen to them if they do. You might be thinking why I’m not running away, it’s because I’m scared stiff, so I can’t move and also because I’m not a chicken and I’m going to brace myself for the worst.

“3… 2… 1!” She mutters under her breath and lunges at me like a cheater going after its prey.
“Yaaaugh!” I scream.
 She hits me in the gut so hard I find myself gasping for air like my lungs had just been kicked out.  I fall back from the force and lack of air, unfortunately hitting the ground hard head first.  Everything goes black.  Aaargh, my face feels wet.  Something is licking me?!?  Am I dreaming?  It’s hard to open my eyes.  I try with all my might, everything a blur.  I don’t dare try to get out, my head is throbbing like it’s never throbbed before.  Feels like a train hit me at fall force.  Oh, there’s that lick again.  I’m starting to see a little more clearly now.  A dark shadow over me, I can feel a tongue. 
Yes, it’s a tongue!  I lift my hands up to push it away, feels like some stray dog maybe.  We don’t have any pets at the orphanage, not that I know of.  The matron hates pets!  Oh my, I can see it now, it’s no dog it’s a wolf!  Well, I sure think it is.  I must have died.  I am in heaven with a wolf!!!  Nope, that thought didn’t last long, now replaced with the throbbing again. I can see the wolf clearly. It is looking over me and won’t stop licking me.  Its eyes are so blue!  Like a crystal stream.  I feel like it can see straight through to my heart, like it knows what I’m feeling.  I’m so drawn to this beautiful creature.  I get up slowly the wolf now by my side.  A grey, black, brown and white thick fur covers its body. I look around, everything is quiet in the yard.  No one around.  How long have I been laying here? I now look down at the wolf and find it staring back at me.  I try to reach out to touch it.  It moves back, turns and heads for the forest behind the boundary of the yard. I try to run after it knowing I can’t pass the boundary fence.
I just can’t believe it!  WAIT. I-it looks exactly like the wolf in my dream! I start swaying and start to think about it more and more… I must push this thought down! But it just doesn’t seem to work this time… Like the thought is pulling me towards something… something that will connect everything… all my questions… and before I know it and have gathered myself together the wolf is gone, but I just caught a glimpse of it running off into the tall, dark pines.
I quietly whisper a “Thank-you…”  With a sparkle in my eye and a bounce to my step that I haven’t felt in years. I walk over to Natalie who is now heading towards me.
I can tell by the look on Natalie’s face that she saw everything that just happened. 
“Are you ok?  Everyone ran off when Mackenzie hit you, I saw you fall to the ground. She ran off with her buddies, that scaredy cat! Everyone else ran off too not wanting to draw attention to themselves because you know what Mackenzie’s like. I saw the wolf Savy! I saw the wolf!” Natalie exclaimed.
I was quite surprised no one else saw the wolf because the wolf was quite big for anyone to not see it at all. But I was glad they didn’t, because this was only for me and always will be, my own wolf! I was so stunned, I had so much to say and so many thoughts running through my head that I couldn’t even eat my dinner! I wish I did though, because Miss Fran had made big juicy steaks with roast potatoes covered in chicken salt. Late into the evening I stayed up talking to Natalie about the wonderful wolf that had been by my side.
“Hey Natalie?” I asked eagerly. “Yeah, what? I’m really tired you know…” She sighed, sleepily turning over off her back. “Well, wasn’t it just amazing that a full-grown WOLF, actually came to ME! It just can’t be true!” I exclaimed, my eyes still sparkling. “Yeah, I guess… You know when you were gathering yourself together the wolf came up to me and just sat there staring at me for like 5 seconds and then ran off to you and then back into the forest. It was so weird, it felt like I had met it before and I have known it for all my life!” She told me, puzzled at all of this. “That’s exactly what I felt! Also… You might not believe this, but it looked exactly like the wolf in that weird dream I keep having! I’m being serious!” I insisted looking into her eager eyes, to see if she believed me.
“Don’t worry Savy, I believe you. You know how all the nurses always get us mixed up sometimes, since we look so alike? You- you don’t think?” She stuttered like she didn’t trust what she was about to say next.
“What? What is it?!” I declared, almost falling off the bed.
“You don’t think we’re… related? I mean like… it’s probably not true, but do you ever think that we could be sisters?” She whispered, looking eager to see what I thought of the subject.
“Hah! Like THAT could ever be true! We have a lot of differences you know, and we weren’t brought to the orphanage on the same day, we also have different last names, so we can’t be sisters, let alone related!” I sneered, but I knew it could be true.
“Heh, yeah...” Natalie laughed, awkwardly, I knew she still thought it was true.
 I felt bad for talking to her like that, but I just didn’t want to talk about it, what if it was true? If it was and the matrons found out, then we would be separated! I don’t know why they do it, but every single sibling in this place, must be in a different dorm and class! That’s why I always change the subject or doubt the research, I don’t want that to happen.
“Can I describe to you what the wolf looked like in detail? I love talking about it!” I asked, excitedly because I still couldn’t get it off my mind.
“Sure… IF it stops you from talking about it any further, I don’t like thinking about it… When it was staring at me it’s eyes looked so sad… But it also looked like it wanted us to follow it.” She sighed, but still listened as I described the details of my wonderful wolf!
“So, it was a big majestic wolf with fur the colour of Ash and Amber… Eyes like the early morning, and with a misty ocean blue tint on the outside. It stood in front of me staring intently into my eyes as if wanting me to escape this place and live with it forever!” I gushed, closing my eyes and almost falling asleep, but then Natalie grabbed my arm and whispered into my ear quickly before I went to sleep.
“It actually looked sad and lonely, not interested… I think it might have wanted us to follow it… We must escape someday soon! Somehow…”
“How are we supposed to do that?” I sighed, sitting back up in bed.
“Well, first off this is kind of weird for me because you’re usually the brave and daring one and I’m usually all shy and doubtful! But I really need to be like this tonight.” She stammered staring at her hands in confusion of what she was doing.
While she was still talking, I found myself drifting off to sleep, because I didn’t want to think about anything else but my wolf! I didn’t want its picture to be erased from my mind.
“GIRLS! Get up this instant! You have more jobs to complete, HURRY UP!” The matron hollered, literally dragging each one of us out of bed, it took a while for me to get up because I had stayed up late last night talking with Natalie. I didn’t really care though, because I was talking about that wolf!
Who cares if I’m tired if you’ve just had the most wonderful thing that’s happened in my entire life? I should probably stop talking about the wolf though… It’s getting to Nat’s nerves! I think she might just be a bit jealous… I will try and make it up to her by doing something, what could I do though? Get another wolf to be her friend? I didn’t know… I guess I could… I could… No. That’s just out of this world! Unless…
“Hey Natalie!” I called running up to her, as I just finished thinking about what I could do, to help her feel less jealous.
“Yeah, what? Is it about your wolf again?” She grumbled kicking a stone, under her feet.
“N-no. Of course not! I-I’ll tell you in the afternoon… We will only need to know by then.” I said, prancing ahead of her, and leaving her in confusion of what I said.
“Ok…” she replied, curiously.
I suppose, you want to know what my plan is… Well, then you’ll just have to wait for that part! After our chores, and boring lessons I was walking into the playground, and expecting to see Mackenzie and her mates laughing and planning what they were going to do to me next. But no! When I stepped out the doors, Mackenzie and her mates ran straight for the hills! They look so scared I doubled over laughing! Unfortunately, it seemed as if everybody else was avoiding me as well… Whenever I walked near someone (except for Natalie) they stepped out of the way or took 3 steps away from me. I knew this was all because of the wolf that protected me, I didn’t mind that everyone was avoiding me though, I deserved their respect if a wolf showed me respect! I think…
“Uh, Savy? You do realise, everyone is avoiding you?” Natalie told me. ‘Yeah, I know. It’s because of my wolf!” I said, dreamily.
“Why do you keep calling it your wolf? It isn’t yours.” She sighed, chewing her nails.
“Yes, I know that! But it seems like it’s mine, since it saved ME!” I exclaimed, knowingly.
“Yeah. Whatever. It did come to ME to you know!” She grumbled, kicking some more stones.
“I know, I know. I’m sorry OK? I’ll stop talking about it!” I sighed, irritated, about how much she when on about the wolf, seriously who does that?
“GOOD, I’m grateful for that!” She said, walking away from me.
“Don’t worry about that, I have a surprise for you to make up for being annoying.” I said, innocently looking away, from her curious stare.
“What is it? TELL ME!” She asked, turning around and grabbing my arm.
“Geez! I’ll tell you, when we are meant to be in bed!” I yelled, but still excited, at what she was going to think!
For the rest of the day, Natalie kept looking at me curiously to see if my face was hinting anything about the surprise. But I managed to keep a straight face the whole time, it was hard because when she kept staring at me, it felt really weird and I almost burst out laughing!
“While you TELL me yet?!” Natalie, yelled. She was very impatient at this point!
“No… Like I said, I will tonight when we are supposed to be in bed. Don’t worry! It’s only in thirty minutes.” I said, proud that I had been able to keep
Her waiting so long, I’ve NEVER been able keep her waiting this long before! “Children, I know it is not yet your bedtime… BUT, this girl HERE.” She said, pointing at Mackenzie.
“Mackenzie and her little friends had been trying to escape, so they could go down to the mall! You filthy urchins!” She screamed, grabbing them harshly and then shoving them, into the crowd of noisy girls.
Mackenzie, for once actually looked scared of all the other girls. Fortunately, for me and everybody else, she was to scared and worried to do anything about it. Even Reagan and Riley had left her! They both hate going to bed early, so it made them super angry with her, in which is the reason why they left her all together! I almost feel sorry for Mackenzie! But not really.
“Right then girls! Hurry up and hop into your prison beds! Ha, ha!” She chuckled, laughing at her own joke that wasn’t even FUNNY.
After she left, we all scattered, into our “prison beds”. It was still light outside and we all had had a really hard time, trying to fall asleep, which most didn’t have any success in. I made sure Natalie and I stayed awake, which was easy for me since I needed to full fill my master plan! I was going to tell Natalie what the “surprise” was once everybody else was asleep, unfortunately it took AGES till everyone fell asleep! It also was a bit hard to keep Natalie awake, because she could fall asleep, literally ANYWHERE. Except for the privy of course…
It was SO hard to get to sleep, it couldn’t even bat an eye! The light from the sun blinded me, so I just closed my eyes and thought of my amazing plan, and my wolf and what I would do if I could ESCAPE this place! If I did (with Natalie of course) what would It be like outside? Would I go secretly live my best friends and my wolf in the forest all alone? Or would I venture out into the village and go see what it is like to buy things at the markets! Go to church on Sunday and wear my Sunday best! I really don’t know. Once, it was dark, and I made sure that every girl was fast asleep, by the time that happened, Natalie was too. I had to viciously shake her, before her eyes actually OPENED.
“What are you DOING?” She moaned, pulling her pillow over her head.
“Do you want, me to tell you what I’ve have been planning all week or not?” I sighed, pulling the pillow back, from her sleep face.
“The surprise?” She asked, shooting up from her bed.
“Uh, yes. That.” I stuttered, because I was kind of nervous, whether she was going to agree with me on the plan.
“TELL ME NOW!” She anxiously shouted, punching her bed, I didn’t blame her for being so eager to know because I had kept her waiting for almost TWO WEEKS!
“Shh! Shut up! You will wake the whole orphanage!” I hissed, shoving my hand over her mouth.
“Ok, ok! But please tell me now before I explode! You have literally kept me waiting for almost a month! SO CRUEL! she whined, pulling my hand away.
“Hmm. nah, I will leave it until tomorrow I think… Maybe even next month! Actually no! How about when we turn eighteen?” I laughed, teasing her.
“SAVANNAH!” She yelled, but quickly shut her mouth, as some of the girls were stirring.
“Ok, ok! I’m sorry, geez. I was only teasing you. Ok, so. I was thinking of… Escaping, maybe tonight? Yes, I know it’s stupid, but it could work out! We could find my wolf and live with it!” I sighed Blissfully, hugging myself.
The master plan

“WHAT?!” She exclaimed, falling back into her bed.
“Yes, I know I know… It is CRAZY. But it could work out you know? What if we actually DID IT!” I exclaimed, hugging my pillow, and staring at the ceiling.
“I doubt it could happen, but do you have a plan anyways?” Natalie asked me doubtfully, but I could see one sparkle of hope in her eyes.
“Yes actually, I do, in fact have a GREAT plan!” I exclaimed and started explaining how we were going too escape.
“Ok, ever since I first told you about the surprise, I have been stealing the left-over bed sheets from the storage room, and I tied them together! It was easy, because we are only on the first floor, so I didn’t have to do much.” I explained, triumphantly.
“But if we are only on the first floor, why can’t we just jump out the window?” She asked, biting her lips.
“Stop doing that! You will get chapped lips! ANYWAY, have you even looked outside of the window before?” I sighed, crossing my arms. “Well, no…” She answered, now biting her nails.
“EXACTLY, you haven’t seen how HIGH the first floor actually is! It’s really high, because the gigantic storage room is underneath, and they obviously didn’t have time to dig a room underground, so yes. We do need the rope!” I explained, pulling her fingers down from her teeth.
“What’s the rest of the plan then” She asked, leaning towards me.
“Well…” I whispered. “Once we climb out the of the window quietly, we carefully get over the chicken wire fence or we can slip under it, because Mackenzie and her friends left a huge hole from when they tried to escape and the groundsmen are not filling it up, till tomorrow. Then we run off into the forest, find my wolf. And… maybe my parents…”  I declared, nervously.
 “Sounds like a plan!” She whispered, excitedly.
“Let’s, get started!” I cried, as quietly as possible.
Natalie quietly tip toed, from her bed and over to the window, opening it slowly so there wasn’t a sudden whoosh of cold air, to wake up all the girls. While she was working on that, I felt under my pancake flat mattress for my hand made rope. Once I got a hold of that, I took hold of all my possessions; a note from my parents saying that ‘I will find you one day Savannah! If I am not there to find you, then you guardian will’ I have always wondered what she meant by my ‘guardian’ Perhaps she meant my father? Or maybe a special friend? I knew it couldn’t be the wolf because they are not THAT smart as to fully commit their life to one single person. Oh mother! I do hope that one day I will find you! I silently thought to myself holding the letter too my chest. Finally, I had the little cat figurine, it was a Christmas present from Nurse Cora. The most kind and loving person in the world! She secretly gave me and Natalie both a little cat doll, oh they are so very cute! Cats are not my favorite animal, but they are DEFINITELY next, after wolves! I know all my things aren’t much, but they mean the world to me! I will keep them forever and ever and NEVER give them away to un deserving people, such as Mackenzie!
Anyway, once I gathered all my things I quietly ran up too Natalie, I could see the petrified look on her face as the shadows from the moons bright light danced along the walls, as if it was a party that everyone in town was attending. She knew it was just the light reflecting on objects in the room, but I too was scared, because I wasn’t really sure this would work.
“Okay… We now need to throw down the rope. I know you’re afraid and I am too, but we can DO this!” I said, patting her shoulder.
“O-ok… If you say so.” She mumbled, and grabbed the rope from my hands, throwing it down the wall.
“Ready?” I asked, urging her toward to window.
“Wait! C-can you go first? Please.”
“Ok…” I sighed and put my first foot out of the window.
“Here I go!”
I pulled my other leg out of the window, to just hear Mackenzie call out from her bed.
“Hey! WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING!?” She hissed, running over.
“U-um, we- we…” I stammered, and climbed back in, shielding the rope with my body.
“You’re trying to escape aren’t you! I KNEW it! You were always up to something. I going to tell Matron!” She exclaimed and turned back to call the Matron.
“N-no! Please Mackenzie! Think about somebody else’s feelings for once! Please!” I called, grabbing her arm.
“And why would I do that stupid?” She spat back, pulling out of my fierce grip.
“Because… Because… It would be nice?”
She gave that look that said ‘seriously?’ and turned back around.
I lunged back at her, accidental knocking her forward and causes her to trip and fall.
“Get off me!” She yelled, thrusting her sharp nails at my face.
“No! Swear not to tell! SWEAR IT! YOU MUST!” I hollered, and spread her arms back, so they were opposite each other of the floor.
Some of the other girls were waking up and questioning, what was going on. I knew that now; my life would surely END.
The Matron burst into the room, her face vexed and puffed out with rage! She ran forward, and grabbed hold of me and Mackenzie, shaking us as if she Was trying to get everything out of our bodies.
“What is the meaning of this!? How DARE you cause all this racket in the middle of the night! And WHY is the window open? Is that a rope I see?” She screamed, stamping towards the window and ragging us along with her. I could see Natalie petrified face, I had let her down yet again! I would never be able to face her again…
“Savannah and Natalie were trying to escape!” Mackenzie yelled, stabbing her finger towards us.
“Well, well, well! Trying to ESCAPE are we then? You know what is going to happen, now don’t you? You are coming with me young ladies!” She hissed, moving her claw like hands towards us; to drag us off to the room of oblivion most likely! The room of oblivion; was a pitch black, dark and cold cellar that was up in a high tower. It was called oblivion because that’s what it looked like inside; A pure black void of darkness! Once they put you in there you were most likely never to come back out! At least that’s what all the other girls say.
Once my brain clicked, and I realized that I couldn’t go on like this, I fiercely twist Mine and Nat’s grip out of the matron’s grip and pulled Natalie back to the window, and as quick as I could I leaped out of the window not thinking at all, unfortunately Natalie was pulled down with me.
I could see the matron waving her fist at us up at the window, but I didn’t care. I needed to escape, but… but… Oh! My ankle REALLY hurts!
“Natalie! Listen up!” I called frantically and grabbed her arm, pulled her face up close to mine.
“What?! No! I can’t just leave you here all alone! She will call the police and you will be taken away for ever! Please don’t have me to make a choice like this!”
Natalie burst out crying at the thought and clung onto me, I knew that she would not let go. Even if the whole world was after us.
“Come on Savannah! You so brave, are you sure you can’t get up? I mean… It’s only a twisted ankle, we can make it!” Natalie cried, prying me up, from the ground.
“I-I think I can make it… But I will only slow you down!” I answered worriedly, because I could hear the sirens of police cars and ambulances.
“It’s all right, I will help you along. Now hurry!” Natalie yelled, pulling me up.
Natalie and I ran into the dark, though it was a struggle for me because of my limp. When I looked back, I could see children outside shouting and screaming from the excitement of the event. I’m sure Mackenzie is glad that I’m gone, and I’M sure that I will never miss that horrid place! NEVER EVER, EVER!
“Are- are far enough away yet?” Natalie asked, panting while she was still heaving me along the bushes.
“No, not yet. I can still see the orphanage. Keep going!” I yelled back, struggling to keep up with her speedy legs.
10 minutes later, we reached the heart of the forest. We both collapsed, on the damp, cold floor that was entirely covered in dead leaves and twigs. I think we laid there for at least another 20 minutes before we were fully revived.
“We- we made it!” I exclaimed, finally catching my breath.
Natalie just burst out laughing from all the running and the thought that we ACTUALLY escaped! Unlike Mackenzie and her stupid friends! I think after we settled down, we both fell into a deep sleep, that we didn’t wake up from till late in the afternoon on the very next day.
“Ugh. My neck feels like I was sleeping on a knife!” I grumbled, as I stretched out my body from the pain of sleeping on sticks and dead leaves, that made the sound of ice crispies back when you stepped on them.
“Well, that because you actually did sleep on the end of a sharp stick.” Natalie replied, like she was answering questions in a high school exam.
“Oh, ha ha.” I muttered and rolled over, turning my back from her face.
“No seriously, you were. Also, did you realise that, WE FRICKING MADE AN ESCAPE FROM OUR ORPHANAGE!”
“What? Oh! So, we did!” I squealed in delight, jumped up and ran around taking deep breaths of the fresh forest air!
“Can you smell that luscious forest breeze? It’s like a- Oh- Oh! YUCK! What stinks?” I stopped in my tracks and followed the smell, I could see that underneath a pile of leaves, a rotting, dead possum lay there making the whole are smell like a rubbish dump!
“Ewww, yuck! I can’t believe we didn’t notice that before. EURGH!” Natalie said, bending over and gagging.
“So. Are we going to keep walking or what?” I asked, burying the dead possum with more leaves, so we wouldn’t have to smell it.
“Nooo… let’s stay here for a bit longer! The wolf might come prancing along.” Natalie whined, and sat back down.
“Come ON Nat! The Matrons could already be looking for us with a bunch of other people! We have been laying here ALL night, so they are bound to catch up to us any moment now!” I warned and yanked her right back up.
“Ugh, fine. I guess you are right...” She agreed and followed me through the forest.
“Hey! Your ankle is all better!” She declared, peering down at it.
“Oh, yeah. I guess the sprain wasn’t as bad as I thought” I said, now starting to jog, because it felt good on my ankle.
“Should we head to the village or find your wolf?” Natalie asked, catching up to me and peering into my eyes.
“Why the heck would we go to the village? People would already be looking for us there, silly.” I sighed, rolling my eyes.
“Not for another day or two actually. We have only been out for one night and it takes at least two hours to get to the village. Plus, they have HEAPS of resources there! Think about it, all the delicious foods, beautiful clothes and jewelry. And hey, I know stealing isn’t right, but we could take an apple or two and maybe some rags or something to disguise ourselves! What do you think?”
“But what about-
“I’m not finished speaking!” She continued and launched into another persuasion. “Don’t forget that we can also find a good hiding place in the dark alleyways. Remember Stephine? The girl that escaped last year? Well, apparently, she came back to the orphanage one night and met with some other girls, telling them that they should escape too because there are heaps of little abandoned holes and shacks that will give you shelter while you are hiding. We might be able to find Stephine and live with her! But only for a little while of course, you do want to find your mum, don’t you? We could really use Steph’s help you know, she would know the village inside and out if she hadn’t been caught yet or stolen by strange men.”
I thought about this for a moment.
“No.” I announced.
“What?! Are you SERIOUS?” She spat, putting her hands on her hips.
“Relax! I was just joking! Of course, it’s a great idea!” I laughed, clutching my stomach. “You should have seen your face! It was priceless.”
“You know Savannah, sometimes you really ARE annoying!” She grumbled but was laughing too.
“Come on, let’s go then.” I sighed and took a different path on the left to the forest because you could see all the church tower from there which is where the village is. I used to stare out the window in my dorm and look at the tower, wondering what it wold be like to live down in the village with my friends and family, go to a proper school, celebrate Christmas and have a family that will ALWAYS love you, forever and ever!
“Hellooo? You’re daydreaming again!” she sighed, tapping my shoulder.
“Huh, what? Oh! Sorry, I like making up stories and scenes in my head. I get a little carried away sometimes!” I laughed, awkwardly turning right down the bumpy track.
“Ok, ok. Most the time! Also, so you think we would be close to the village by now? I mean it HAS been close to an hour now and we spent quite some time running last night!” I said, walking closer to her.
“Hmm… Maybe another half hour or so. Maybe even twenty minutes if we walk a bit faster. You know I still can’t get over the fact that we ACTUALLY escaped the orphanage instead of having to wait SIX years! How are you taking this so casually?” She asked, her eyes clearly asking me how I did it.
“I’m not taking it casually! You just can’t tell because I usually don’t show my feelings.” I shrugged.
“No wonder Miss Higgins never gave you a harder question after you answered twelve multiplied by twelve because I knew you were nervous, but you didn’t show it! Smart…” She conferred, knowing that it was a very good idea.
I beamed with pride and started skipping down the track and then I cheered really loudly because just down the path I could see the village.
“Whoopee! I can see it! I can see it!” I cried out and started jumping up and down.
“SEE WHAT? What’s going on?” Natalie, she yelled.
“The village obviously! Look, it’s just down the path!”
The hideout

Natalie didn’t say anything after that, all I saw was a blur of colour and then the next second, I saw her right at the sign that said ‘Welcome to the market town’ with her jumping up and down, squealing in delight.
“A little over excited there?” I said, laughing as I ran as fast as I could down the path to join her.
“You think?” She said, smiling and rolling her eyes.
But then I grabbed her shirt and pulled her right back into the bushes and keeping her there with me crouching behind.
“What the heck was that for?” She shouted angrily.
“Shush!” I hissed, putting my finger to my lips and then pointing it at the men in a horse drawn cart riding past us.
“So? It’s not like they KNOW us.”
“Yeah, well if they DID see us and then word came out that two dark haired girls had escaped from the orphanage those men would tell the Matrons that we were in the village, so they would know we are there. Instead of thinking we are still in the dreadful forest!” I explained, gently pulling her back off the ground as soon as the cart had passed.
“I guess you’re right…” She sighed, but then her frown turned upside down as her face turned back to the village markets.
“Just LOOK at all the food!” She exclaimed and her mouth-watering.
“Mm. We can go in, but… We must be VERY stealthy! Not a peep out of any of us! Alright?” I asked, peering around so she was looking into my eyes.
“Ok, ok! Whatever, let’s just go and get some food before I DIE from starvation!”
As soon as she said that she ran straight into the market place not thinking AT ALL and as soon as that happened the next minute she was sitting on the floor rubbing her butt, because she had just run into a very posh looking lady whose perfume was so strong it made my nose tickle and scrunch up.
‘Oh no!’ I thought and quickly ran up to her yanking her up off the ground and saying a thousand apologies to the lady before running off from the horrid smell of her perfume only to see her scrunch up HER nose as if we were dirty street children and walk off with her nose held high.
“What were you THINKING?” I yelled as I dragged her into a dark alley way.
“Geez, I’m sorry! You know how crazy I am with food.” She spat back, still rubbing her sore bottom.
“You know you could have gotten us caught then. But whatever let’s just sneak around the stalls and snatch a few apples or something.” I suggested, letting go of her arm.
Oh, we took A LOT more than a “few apples” We at least took a whole basket full of all different kinds of food. Natalie just took off as soon as I confirmed that we were going to take some of the food.
I was glad that she stayed behind the stalls, but to be honest she did take A LOT of food. I was worried that people would notice us in the background and get suspicious that we had a whole basket full of food. First, she crept behind an apple stall, the man who owned was busy flirting with a young lady, to not notice Natalie taking four big juicy apples right off the counter space.
Then Natalie went up to four different stalls grabbing at least two whole handfuls of food from each, then I saw her edge near a jewelry shop and I seriously hoped that she wouldn’t take a gigantic pearl necklace or a beautiful piece of cloth. Thankfully, she soon edged back away from the stall because the posh lady she bumped into a while before was still staring at her in a mean way, watching her every move.
But I did see a blur of colour whiz past her shoulder and swipe near the bracelets, I so hoped that it was a dragon fly just flying by and landing on the jewelry.
But then she came racing back with the food and pieces of bed ridden cloth and one teeny weeny rose quartz bracelets between her small nimble fingers.
“Look at the one whose all daring and brave now, eh?”
“Oh whatever, I hope you’re not cross at me for taking so much food, you KNOW I was practically starving right? I also hope you’re not cross a me for taking the bracelet and rags. We need it for disguise, plus the rags were just in a cardboard box, so they would probably end up in a jumble sale. So, I am pretty sure that it’s fine to take them.” She said, silently hoping that I wouldn’t start yelling at her and tell her of all the bad things that could have happened in that short period of time.
I was going to launch into a big explanation on what she should and shouldn’t do, but I saw the look and her face and decided to back out, after all she did this for US.
“It’s ok, I understand why you did it. But, did you really have to take the bracelet? I mean We already have the rags, somebody is bound to notice the bracelet, which would have been very expensive; mine you. So, they would get suspicious and probably assume you stole, which you did.
“Oh relax! Don’t be such a worry wart! The rags will cover up the bracelet so don’t worry about anyone seeing it.” She sighed, shrugging her shoulders and looking back down at her wrist and stroking the pretty bracelet as if it was a kitten.
“Then what was the point of stealing it if nobody is meant to SEE it?” I asked, touching it too, because I had to admit it was very beautiful for a common bracelet.
“I just really like wearing it, as soon as my eyes had settled on it I KNEW that I had to have it! You understand right? Like you said that you know that wolf is meant to be yours?” She asked, her eyes peering at me as if she was pleading to keep the bracelet.
“Ok, Ok… You can keep the bracelet for goodness sake! But now don’t go stealing the Mayors fricking CAR.” I huffed but burst out laughing at the thought of her trying to drive a car. She is very uncoordinated, so I can imagine her face as she’s swerving in all different directions down the wonky road.
“Where shall we go then, eh? Are we going to find Stephine first of hide out in a little hole somewhere? Maybe an abandoned shack? That would be nice, because we could set up a little home inside with all our food out on a table with beds on the side! It would be like a cosy cottage, just a little dirty. What do you think??” She asked, excitedly clasping my hands with hers.
I thought for a while, and I wondered if we really did find a shack then we wouldn’t really have to find Stephine, I actually like that idea because she is a year older than us and that’s means she would then probably be the leader of our group for a long while. I only like being the leader, so I decided to let it pass.
“I think we can leave Stephine for now, let’s just find some shelter to stay for the night, it is almost dark now, so we don’t have enough time to go out looking for an abandoned shack, let’s just find a little hole somewhere first.” I said firmly and turned around to look for some place to stay.
“Okey dokey! Let’s go!” Natalie said happily bouncing along, mostly because we had so much food and she got a beautiful bracelet. I think she’d forgotten the plot, the plot was that we ESCAPED the orphanage and had made it down to the village. I guess she just gets distracted sometimes, don’t we all?
I started walking down the long dark alleyway, but to find me and Natalie at a dead end.
“Well, that wasn’t much use was it. Where to now? WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” I laughed, as I saw Nat trying to push really heavy crates filled with empty wine bottles.
“Getting *Puff* to the *Puff* Argh! The hole!” She grunted and heaved sigh of satisfaction as all the crates toppled over a pile of dirt and there from under the crates was a small hole big enough to fit my body inside.
“Wow! How did you know it was there?” I asked suspiciously.
“I saw part of it poking out from the crates, it looked quite deep from the angle I was looking from so I thought we could stay in there for the night, is that ok?”
“Heck, yeah! You’re a genius! Come on, let’s see if it leads to a tunnel!” I exclaimed and clasped my hands together.
I instantly jumped inside and to my surprise, there was a gigantic room underneath, it even had two candles lighting each side of the walls.
“H-how? Someone must have lived here before…” I whispered quietly to myself in amazement at what stood before me.
“What’s happening? What’s with all the excitement-
Natalie stopped in her tracks and stared in amaze meant at the huge room.
“Whoa! AWESOME! Somebody might have lived here before! Look! There’s even a small bed in that far right corner and a crate used as a small table.
Natalie instantly ran up them and set down all the food and rags on the small crate then she lay down her bracelet over a tree root that stuck out of the walls and then lay down on the bed exhausted.
“They might still live here.” I said, arching my eyebrows as I peered around the rest of the rooms, fingering the smooth walls.
“Huh?” Natalie said, sitting up on the small bed.
“The person that you said might have lived in this place, might still live here. I mean look around it doesn’t look abandoned the bed is fixed and the floor is clean, there are also no cobwebs.” I explained, walking over too here and grabbing a big juicy apple to crunch on.
Natalie took this into thought and curiously looked around the whole room.
“Hmm. You’re right, well I think we could stay here night. Hey! Maybe Stephine lives here!” She yelped excitedly, her eyes shining. As if she’d known Stephine her whole life and Steph was her ‘mentor’.
I cringed at the name and sat down on the bed.
“If it belongs to no one, then I think we should stay here. We could leave a crate over the top of it every day and push it over when we need to get out. Also, so no rats or spiders get it, oh also so nobody gets suspicious of the hole and fills it up, without us knowing. What so you think of that? Natalie? NATALIE.” I yelled, shaking her arms, getting her into focus.
‘Oh, she’s asleep. I don’t blame her, it’s been a long day full of curiosity and excitement…’ I thought, as I realise that she was fast asleep. I mean, once Natalie falls asleep you won’t be able to wake her up, not even bomb went off, she still wouldn’t wake up! She’s a really DEEP, deep sleeper!
“Alright then. Goodnight sleep head!” I whispered, giggling quietly to myself, as I lay down on the hay mattress pulling the thin blanket over my head.
Finding home

 I woke up to the sound of Natalie shuffling around the room, she was fingering her bracelet while trying to fashion the old rags into a throw over dress, of some sort.
“Oh hey! You’re awake! You like the disguises I made for each if us?” Natalie asked, and happily thrust the clothes at my face.
“Hm. Cool. Does it fit?” I asked, having a look at the weird looking rags.
“Of course! I spent AGES making it, you slept in for 3 hours over time on for what time we would have to get up at the orphanage. Try it on! I fashioned them to your style!”
“Ok…” I answered and tried the rags on. They actually fitted really well, it was a long tight T-shirt with long shorts.
“Oh, wow! How did you stitch it together? We don’t have any thread, or needles.” I asked, suspiciously.
“OH! U-um… I may have borrowed some from, the markets?” She answered back, nervously.
“Are you asking me or telling me?”
“T-telling you?”
“Don’t worry, I don’t mind, It’s for a good purpose anyway. I think we’ll head off today, forget about the whole Stephine thing, she sounds annoying anyway. Let’s go find my wolf!” I confirmed, already climbing out of the hole.
“But!” Natalie called.
“No, buts! People from the orphanage, would already be looking for us! We must hurry!”
“If, you say so…”
I didn’t feel bad for being so cutting, but I know that Natalie did always look up to Stephine for what she was able to do, and I have to admit I was quite jealous because I’m the one who made the plan and got us out of the orphanage AND got us to the village, without me she would have never done it. But, whatever I don’t really care, that much. I have my wolf to look up to! I can’t wait to find it.
“Come on, slowpoke! Let’s get cracking!” I mused, as I pulled her up out of the hole.
“So, where do you want to head? The forest or the open planes near the end of the village, I think the forest would be a better place to look for my wolf, Natalie? Natalie, are you listening?”
But then I realized she was standing in front of me, but was looking behind me, her face was terrified, I didn’t know what to do, I was scared as well so I turned around slowly, ready to face whatever was behind me.
But as I turned around I saw a figure (Most likely a man) with a long dark cloak, and big boots. Right now, I didn’t know whether to kick him in the nuts or run away as fast as I can.
“I know what you are seeking, young ones… Especially unique siblings like you two.” The unknown figure said as he began to expose his face in the light.
Me and Natalie shuddered at his piercing voice, it sounded, like nails on a chalk board! But I didn’t say about that, because I didn’t want to make him mad.
“Hey! But, we aren’t sisters! A lot of people think that though, I only wish it were true.” Natalie said, and stepped forward very cautiously.
“Mm. But perhaps, you might find you are. You will also find out many more things that will answer all your questions… As long as you come with me.” The man, answered back.
I could see that he was quiet young, 16 at least. He had dark hair and silver eyes, oh my goodness he is so hot! What the heck?! Why am I speaking like that! Goodness woman, get a hold of yourself! You’re only 12 and you literally just met this guy, plus he sounds to suspicious and mystery like to be a good person to hang out with.
“Are you ok? You seem to be in thinking, quite deeply.” He asked me, and fully uncovered his hood.
“Huh? No! I’m fine. Why are you talking so weirdly? You sound like a wise old man! And there is NO WAY, we are going with you!” I snarled at him and pulled Natalie back behind me.
“You don’t really have a choice. And I’m glad you think I sound like that, because I look young for my age, as some people say. I’m fifteen by the way.” He turned and starting walking away, back into the market and pulled his hoodie back over his head.
“Wait!” I called back, hoping he would stop.
He turned back and peered at me waiting for me to say something.
“We’ll go, as long as you tell us, what you think we’re looking for.” I told him, making it clear that I wasn’t going on any other cases.
“A wolf. Now come on.” He said, and proudly stalked off.
“Hey! WAIT UP.” I yelled, very angry because this guy was really getting to me. Also, he’s only fifteen that’s way to young to be bossing girls and stalking them around everywhere! What a creepy, weirdo. But me and Natalie raced after him anyway.
Ten minutes later, we were already out of the village and into the forest and on the same track me and Natalie used to get out it.
“You can take off the disguises now, I can keep you safe.” He advised, Natalie instantly took hers off, because she seemed a bit fearful of him. Typical!
Keep us safe! I thought. Ha! He’s only two years older than us, plus me and Natalie will be turning thirteen in two weeks, at the orphanage they never celebrated birthdays, they just told us that we have aged yet another year, and then moved on, but me and Natalie always exchanged little gifts, since we shared the same birthday.
I took mine off too and left it over a fence next to Natalie’s, I was surprised she left it there because she obviously spent a lot of time on it and was very proud of her work.
“Let’s keep going.” He told us, as he started fast walking off again.
I wasn’t used to this kind of treatment from someone as young as he was, I was always meant to be the leader, that was when I decided I really did hate him.
Once, we were one hour up the track, we started getting into the heart of the forest again, and I started to get more aware of my surroundings, this place seemed very familiar…
“This place must be familiar to you.” The boy asked me, as I he was reading my mind.
“U-um… Yeah, I guess, if you say so.” I answered back in much confusion.
He just tilted his head and laughed, I didn’t know what was so funny, but I guessed he knew something I didn’t, and I really wanted to know.
But as we entered, the right center of the forest, I saw a shadow in the distance, the shape of… of…
“MY WOLF!” I exclaimed and instantly ran over to it, clasping it, as if I’d never let it go.
“H-how did you know?” I asked the turning around to face him.
“I’m a family friend.”
“Family friend?”
“Yeah, I should probably explain, My name is Jeremy and I’m the son of a nurse that works in your orphanage! You might know her?”
“Oh, you must mean Nurse Cora! Oh, she was such a saint!” I exclaimed, remembering all the memories of that lovely person.
 I should probably explain even more, but I’ll let HER do the talking.” He answered, while pointing to a familiar woman behind him.
I looked at Natalie and looked back at the women. Both mine and Natalie’s face were white with shock, as if we just saw a ghost.
She didn’t say anything, she just held her arms out, with tears dripping down her rosy cheeks, she mine and Natalie’s hair, but with eyes like my own. I guess Natalie took more after our father, who I didn’t know where he was.
Natalie and I arced towards her and we had at least a ten-minute group hug, that seemed like it lasted forever.
“My beautiful children… How could you ever forgive me for leaving you? I’m so sorry!” She exclaimed, rubbing her tear stained cheeks.
“It’s ok! You must have an explanation, as Mr. Mysterious said over there.
The boy looked embarrassed and looked away, trying not to seek attention.
“Oh, that’s just Jeremy. He does look like a bit of a mysterious, wise old man, doesn’t he?” She agreed, laughing.
“I guess you’re right, I should probably explain. Well first off, I am an official agent of a secret association, sorry I can’t tell what it is now, it’s classified till you’re older. But once I had you two, you’re twins by the way. Our organisation was in the middle of a serious crisis! Which is all Jeremy's fault mind you!”
“Hey! It wasn’t NECESSARILY my fault!’ He snapped back, looking very annoyed.
My mother just ignored him and carried on.
“Anyway, I realise that the situation we were” in, would be too dangerous for you two, as such small babies. So, I had to leave you there, sorry if it was so horrid, but you had that nurse there that I made friends with the night I let you go, what was her name again? I feel it starts with an E or a C…”
“Nurse Cora!” Natalie and I exclaimed, exchanging glances, now that everything suddenly made senses, was my wolf part of it too somehow?
“What about My wolf?” I asked, looking into my mothers, pretty eyes.
“It’s my wolf too…” Natalie muttered, looking at the ground.
“Oh! Of course! That’s our family wolf, that has been our guardian since a little pup! We saved it at the black market, it was about to be butchered for it lovely fur, but I saw it just in time, because I was on a case, in the black market that very day. I sent it as a guardian for you two little ones, to watch over you every day at that horrid orphanage. Oh, I do so hope you can forgive me, for leaving you there!”
“It’s OK, mum! We’re all right, we made it out didn’t we Natalie?” I said, beaming as I nudged Natalie, so she would say something too.
“Oh, yes! Savannah made an escape an awesome escape plan, so we made it out of the orphanage, unfortunately Savannah left with a slightly sprained ankle.” Natalie acknowledged as she got out the group hug and started to explain everything.
“Well, that sounds like a fantastic story girls! But I think we should all share, once I take you two home.” My mother advised, tapping her chin.
“Oh, yes please!” Natalie and I exclaimed, we definitely wanted to live with our beautiful mother.
“By the way, I hope this won’t upset you, but I was wondering if we let the wolf go he belongs in the wild and I think we should replace him with a proper dog, maybe a cat if you’d like. I heard that they have really smart cats that can be trained to protect you! Obviously, they’d be quite big, because I small one wouldn’t be, much use.” My mother asked, as her eyes edged over to the wolf.
“No thanks” I said, the wolf seemed to agree with me, and I almost started to cry at the thought of leaving him.
“Ha-ha! I’m sorry sweetie, I would never do that! I was just toying with you, Alaska’s been in the family since a little pup!” My mum laughed, hugging me again.
“Alaska?” Natalie asked.
“Oh, yes that’s the wolf’s name.” My mother explained, averting her eyes over to Alaska.
By now I couldn’t think of anything else but my wolf. So, I just walked up to Alaska and hugged it, and whispering into its ear, as if it was my own child.
“I would never leave you for another wolf!” I said, reassuring it, after the joke my mother said.  “Only you…”

This was finished and published on the 4th of November 2019.

Message to Readers

This is my competition entry for 'Writers of the World' #GOrwell!!!! Compeitition! Hope u like it!

Peer Review

Loved how well thought out it was. You did a great job describing each character, giving them each distinctive personalities.

I think that you could, in the beginning, elaborate on how much they want to get out there, and how they want to be adopted. There are a lot of statements, but not a lot of feeling descriptions.

Reviewer Comments

Great story, but I think it would be more, manageable if each chapter was its own document. Otherwise, it’s so long that you can’t possibly read it all. This way, if the reader likes your writing, they can move to the next chapter without feeling overwhelmed by your story’s length. (Maybe put instructions in the footnotes)
Also, because of the length of each chapter, grammatical mistakes are abundant. Breaking these up would make peer-reviews more plausible. I decided not to review on grammar in this one because it was so long.

Truly great story! Lots of great elements!