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out of the deck of lgbt cards, im the ace

im dippin in like one week y'all should know where to find me by now

we were never made for forgiveness

November 3, 2019



Sometimes sorry tastes like poison on my tongue, but once spoken, I can not take it back.
I try to drown on the taste with something sweet,
but it curdles in my mouth.

What is the use of forgiveness if it feels like a knife twisting in my chest?
End me if you must, but have the mercy to make it quick.

Maybe we should be more honest with each other:
                                    Enough with the polite small talk and fake laughs,
                                    let's cut to the chase and end the night in blood.

People like us--
                        Cold and bitter, iron on our lips,
                        fingers turned into claws
                        with smiles that show more teeth than needed--

we were never meant to be friends, much less lovers.
Why am I so surprised this ended in disaster?

                                                                            Why are you?

So I'll say it again: sorry.
And though it tastes like poison, the soft embrace of your forgiveness
is more suffocating.

It doesn't matter anyway;
We'll slip away from each other before dawn
and pretend we're strangers in the daylight
                                                                knife to my chest,
                                                                                broken finger in your fist,

don't ever tell me you love me
or the end will hurt more than it already does.

                                                                                                   (Sorry, you whisper.
                                                                                                       it sounds a lot better coming from you
                                                                                                        than from my bloodstained lips.)
hey. so. imagine two people from... idk rival gangs, a warring nation, a feuding family. and they fall in love. wouldn't that hurt? :)


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  • Araw

    This is absolutely breathtaking! Love the imagery and the emotion.

    about 1 year ago