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By: Ximena24!


I know this is going to be really boring but I need a little help please just scan over really quick and peer review or add a comment of how I could improve this piece in return I will follow anyone who does.      

The world is always rotating, three hundred sixty-five times a year, from the commencement to the end and while it revolves everything shifts except for one mighty connection that will never lose strength: Family. 
Thorough history family has established a clear line between loyalty and betrayal, want and need, love and hate. Life has been sacrificed and wounds healed. Literature and films alike have focused on this one main principle: through hardship and doubt, family will make sacrifices, growing closer or breaking apart as clearly emphasized in The Breadwinner by Deborah Ellis. 

Peer Review

I liked the interrelations. Love the concept, too. Was this for a school project?

Give examples to each of your contrasts. (Love and hate, etc) It will make your narrative more persuasive.

Reviewer Comments

Great work! Keep writing!