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For a contest, but reviews are appreciated! (Btw not something I’d usually write)

Is that you, Death?

November 3, 2019


He doesn’t want me,
but I want Him.

I want to feel His arms
as they carry me away.

Why can’t He love me
the way I love Him?

Can’t He feel 
my pain?

It’s time to go.
Why does He refuse me?

I lie through my suffering,
His face remorseful as He sits upon my bed.

Why won’t you take me?
You know I want to go.

You are a piece of Art,
the answer comes.

To destroy you would be you
would be to break you.

That is something that
I cannot do.

A wail wishes to
escape my throat.

I’m already broken.
Why not save me now?

His eyes are sorrowful.
Too sorrowful.

There is nothing beyond this.
Only blackness.

In the light, His
... fear?

against fluorescent lighting.

How can I love this being,
who cannot love me?

What are you,
my salvation?

How do you

You do not live,
yet you do not die.

What is your purpose?

He speaks without hesitation.
But with regret.

I walk the line between death and life 
for others.

I hold their sorrow so that they
may be free.

But what am I,
you ask?

I myself,
do not know

My prison is my mind.
My mind wails as my body stands, still.

set me free.

I love you, Death.


Save me from
this world.

I can’t live like this any longer.


P l e a s e . . .

p L e a S e . .

p  l    E a s   E .  ..


In my minds eye,I see His face.
One last time, I hope.

Sorrowful as it
ever was.

Goodbye, Art.
can Death cry?

Goodbye, Death.
Thank you.

His arms around me,
we soar.

I love you, Death.

I love you too, Art.




... or is it?


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  • .amelia.

    Hi, me again. It's an amazing poem. (Can literally hear Art's painful pleas in my head.)

    8 months ago
  • ajamwal

    Great job, thank you for your submission.

    9 months ago