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the day we met #tirelessregret

November 22, 2019


I regret the day I met you.
Even though my hearts says no.
I still remember,
That night.
The night, we danced so slow.

Even in that crowd,
Your eyes were all I could see.
I was new to you,
You were new to me.

You gave me something,
Something to look forward to.
And I dreamt about,
About that moment,
At the end of the day, when my eyes graced you.

I could see it. 
You and me together.
We would talk,
We would laugh,
We would lose ourselves in each other.

When you talked to me,
I felt that deep content and
When I blushed, 
And I did it so bad,
You grinned so hard without any intent.

How couldn't you see it?
How couldn't you feel it?
That I was happy with you, complete with you.
And yet
You left me in my tears, the day the sky was moonlit.

Maybe I was the one at fault.
Maybe I went a little too fast.
But how can I explain?
That after meeting you,
Somehow, I forgot my lonely past.

I regret the day when we sat together,
In the hopes of an amend.
Instead you held my hand,
And captured my eyes
Telling me that I was just a friend. 

And I still tried my best,
To not think about what could have been ours.
But how can I explain?
The breaking of my heart,
And the sight of me crying for hours.

Yet, I picked myself up, 
In the hopes of seeing you again.
Only to discover,
That suddenly
We were in the stranger's lane.

Now here we are,
In an unknown existence.
You don't talk to me,
And neither do I.
But we still look at each other, maintaining our distance.

For now I only live in a timeless regret.
And I hope in vain,
That so do you.
'Cause I know.
We both feel the pain.

I regret the day I became careless.
The day I came out of my hole.
Only to be pushed back again.
But it is not you who is at fault,
It is the reckless me, who thought love was a beautiful stroll.

I regret the day when I began to love your smile
The day I knew that all along
You were meant to be mine,
And I was meant to be yours.
But I guess I was just simply wrong.

It wasn't meant to happen.
You and I.
We were once,
A beautiful thing.
But now only left to wither and die.

But remember this,
That I will never stop loving you.
Even if I hate you right now.
'Cause you became a part of my world. 
Even If you never meant to.
I regret the day I met you.
The day I fell in love with you.
If only you had been brave enough, then,
I wouldn't have to suffer this tireless regret, left by you.
A huge shout-out to my friend @Aurelia.Valus for hosting such a beautiful prompt. Couldn't have asked for more.


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  • pluto-

    This is so beautiful

    over 1 year ago
  • Tushar Mandhan

    Your welcome

    almost 2 years ago
  • suaurum

    All the best to you too!

    almost 2 years ago
  • Tushar Mandhan

    I've also taken part in this competition. All the best! It's gonna be tough I can assume after reading it!

    almost 2 years ago