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Seriously, though. Do wolves REALLY howl at the moon?


November 3, 2019


A nose against my hide.
A nudge against the sleep.
My mother’s breath whistling through my fur...

It’s time to Awake.

The darkness of the sky,
juxtaposed against the brilliant orb
that lights my world,
its followers so small against its greatness.
Small and tall surround me, staring at this majesty.

My father begins the Howl.
A long,
steady note.
The sound draws me,
as it does my mother.
My friends.
My pack.
A cacophony of sound,
waiting to reach its peak.




The Howl resonates
befofe hitting rock.
Then stops.
Father bids us farewell,
a caress of the tail.
We retreat to our homes.
Silence awaits us.

“Why do we Howl at the Moon?”
My eyes find mother’s,
hopeful for an answer.
The question had
befuddled my mind
for days.

“Why wouldn’t we Howl?” 
She stares at me,

I don’t understand...
“... but why do we Howl?”

My mother cannot comprehend
my question.

“We’ve always howled,”
the answer comes,
desperately eluding
my grasp.

“Can the Moon hear us?”

Her piercing eyes
meet that
of the Moon’s.

“Can it see us?”

Confusion crosses
her snout.

“Then why do we Howl?”

My mother’s nose
begins to twitch,
like it does when
the salmon escape
her grasp.

She looks at me,
her eyes basins of confusion,
so deep you could
bathe in them.

“... I don’t know ...” 
Her eyes meet the sky,
for the first time,
in them there is


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