Tushar Mandhan


City of star,
Are you shining just for me?

I'm letting life hit me until it gets hurt. Then, I'll hit it back. It's a class rope-a-dope.

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Life is..............


November 19, 2019


Life is mysterious!
One can try to define it,
Who knows what lies behind it?
Everyone has his own definition.
Do we create life or we are life's creations?
Someone's luxurious, someone's poor,
Someone's sweet, someone's sour.

As many people as many lives,
Someone's dull, someone's bright
Is life a science or philosophy,
Fiction or reality,
Scintillating boon or catastrophic calamity?
Ah! It's so tricky!!
But we are lucky,
'cause we are gifted with this wonder.

So, we have to use it wisely.
Therefore, let's fully live life,
Thank God and be nice.
'Cause it is given to us for a limited time,
To work and make our own identity.


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  • ♛DaBolo♛

    This is literally one of the best poems I have ever seen. I love the rhyming you used in the beginning. :)

    3 months ago
  • Drishti Bhatia

    Hey, I got your reply. BTW I'm from Ambala

    3 months ago
  • Drishti Bhatia

    Hi. This poem is beautiful. Also, which part of India are you from?

    3 months ago
  • Charisse Marison

    So true! So many people really want to understand life, but I think it is something that we will never be able to understand. I just thank God for my wonderful life and just enjoy it while I can! This piece is so beautiful! great job :)

    4 months ago