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I did this for ajamwal ꒰•̹͡ິु•ິू꒱'s contest. the prompt was to write about an autistic child who could save the world. I know a lot of autistic people, and I HATE how everyone thinks about what they CAN'T do. They can do so, so much more than we could ever IMAGINE. So have faith in these individuals (and all individuals with special needs!)

CAN'T # Fortuna Major

November 2, 2019


I finally place the last piece of my puzzle onto my board. It looks amazing. People try to come over to look at it, but I kind of shove them away. This is MY beauty. I don't want to share it.
My sister sneaks up behind me and asks what I'm going to do now. I don't respond. She doesn't need to know. Why would she even ask? People are so weird.
I instantly bring my fists down and smash the puzzle to pieces. I watch as little squiggly shapes go flying through the air. My sister gasps and I begin laughing. I love surprising people.
Now I get to start the puzzle over. Beat my old time. Challenge myself. I finished this puzzle in 3 minutes. It's a 500 piece puzzle too. It wasn't hard at all. And I think I can do better! 
Everyone knows I'm smart. But only when I want to be.
They say I have autism. Autism is a developmental disorder of variable severity that is characterized by difficulty in social interaction and communication and by restricted or repetitive patterns of thought and behavior. Yeah, I memorized that. Everyone acts like it's a big deal. It's not.
I kind of hate people. They are WAY too pushy. They always try to get me to talk to others. I don't want to. And who says I have to??? Seriously, the world sucks. I mean, I guess my family is okay, when they don't force me to do anything. But everyone else in the world is clueless and stupid. They are the people who become murderers and robbers and evil people. I would never do that. In fact, I want to fix that. Become a police officer. Possibly chief. I've been watching mystery shows since I was little and I've always been into them. I can always figure out who did it before they can. One time, I stayed home from school just to watch it. My parents tried to get me to go, but I didn't want to. I was happy being in my own little world. I didn't want to go to a place where people would never accept me. A place where no one believes I can become a policeman or detective. I just wish everyone would be more openminded. 
But no. Everyone insists I go to behavioral therapists. They instruct me I CAN'T lock myself in my room. That I CAN'T stay home from school whenever I want. They always tell me what I CAN'T do. But I can.
I CAN be a police officer.
I CAN be a detective.
I CAN live a normal life.
I CAN be a part of society.

But I guess they CAN'T see that. 


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  • Starflower

    This is wonderful and so true. Keep spreading the message! :)

    almost 2 years ago
  • ajamwal

    omg, this is great Charisse!! You perfectly conveyed it, wonderful!!

    almost 2 years ago