Goodbye, Nostalgia

United States


November 1, 2019


Nothing glowed in the bitter pitch of these watery depths. Silence was common, seeing as life moved smooth and slow. The open stance of clear ocean floor beckoned him, but he lay quiet, half-buried beneath the thick layer of sand. Sinking slowly, the sand buried him, but he did not move. Waiting. Watching. 

Shifting from beneath the way, a small figure slipped out of its only safety, scampering low across the floor. Eyes wide, glowing slightly, they were wary, darting up and around the bones of their fallen foes. Young. Innocent. A child, carrying the burden that the sea has placed on their shoulders. Partially predisposed as permanent prey.

Clawing his hands forward through the heavy earth, he slunk low. Skeletal remains of the vibrant life that filled this space not long ago sunk into the ground, pushed down by his slick belly, never to be seen again. His eyes followed the dim light that cast slight shadows on the dull sand. 

Closer. Just a little closer. 

Pressing his hands into the sand, his body moved in rhythm, reaching out, dragging himself forward. Jaws unclicked with an audible pop, and the gaping hole in his face hung agape lined with teeth. 

Twisting, their illuminated eyes met his, and, with the flick of his tail, they were gone. Blood trickled from the corner of her mouth. Sloppy. 

Chewing, bones snapping, swallowing.

Pulling themselves closer to the bottom layer of sand, he stirred the sand then slithered to the ground, allowing for the sand to float down beside him, burying him beneath the only cover in this place that even the eyes of God couldn’t see. Waiting. 


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