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Looking Back...

November 17, 2019


Dear me,

Not everyone has the heart to say it.
Not everyone can admit to it.
Not everyone can believe it.
Everyone has a chance to think about it.

No one understands why we do it.
No one understands why it's a common subject.
No one understands why it's not kept silent.
All people know is that it's not worth it in the end.

They always regret it.
They always change their minds when it becomes too late.
They always struggle to see truth at first.
We forget the purpose of out existence. 

What do others see when you jump?
What do others feel when you chip away at your own heart?
What do others think when they understand what's about to happen?
How do others deal when it's finally ending?

Sometimes we forget about family.
Sometimes we forget about friends.
Sometimes we forget about our pets and life.
All the time, we hate for ourselves.

It's a side affect of sadness.
It's a side affect of loss.
It's a side affect of hopelessness and anxiety.
That's what people say, but we do not.

We see no purpose in our lives
We see no joy or hope.
We see no love or pleasure.
You see a world that's better off without you.

As you look back at this, you wonder what you were thinking.
As you look back at this, you'll start to feel your mind bleeding.
As you look back at this, you will feel your heart wrenching.
When you look back at this, you'll understand that is was all meant to be.

Don't beat yourself up over it.
Don't struggle in water.
Don't hide it all away.
Come out and say what you've always been scared to say.

Sincerely, and with hopes for a happy future,

Sometimes we all forget why we're here. I challenge everyone who reads this to write themselves a note and save it to open next year. Look back at it, and see how much you've changed emotionally. Possibly even physically. 


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  • Deleted User

    I like the concept.

    8 months ago
  • zebrastripes

    I absolutely love how its a poem in the form of a letter to yourself

    8 months ago