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Carden (from my story Soulless)

October 31, 2019


I growl, staring at my sister's school photo. Her face was bright with pain, a longing to be set free. I storm out of my room, slamming my fist in Jade's room door. I wait, frowning when she dosen't come. Where the hell was she. I jump when the door opens, she tries closing it but I stop her. 
"Carden leave me alone," she sobs.
I slam the door closed behind me, pinning Jade to a wall. Tears fill her eyes, she looked so much like Harlow. No stop it, I told myself Harlow is dead. 
"I won't forgive you for killing my sister Jade, no one will,"
She barely nods, slumping in my grip. I frown at her, long black hair brushes her face, tears rolling down her face. 
"I know but you wouldn't kill me for it either," she smiles suddenly, slamming her feet into my stomach.
I reach out for her foot, pulling too hard. A crack echoes through the room, then her screaming. Blood pools around her ankle, nail marks glow across her broken foot.
"You idiot, I didn't make her feel pain. Don't you remember what happened, she tried to kill me as well," Jad screams, tears spreading down her red face," I'm sorry that I did that but It's in the past...this won't heal"
I wait for the guilt, something to stop me from hurting her further but nothing came. 

I punch her face, blood covers my hand. Why was I hitting a girl this was wrong but I couldn't stop. Harlow needs revenge. Someone pulls me back, another grabs Jade. 
"What the hell man, what's up your arse,'' a male spoke.
I said nothing, my voice lost. Finally, I felt a little guilty but not for her. Just her family.
"Don't know, she tried to hit me slipped,'' I lied
They didn't talk to me, just pushed me out the door. I groan stumbling toward my door, she was going to come after me.
This is not meant to be sensitive but a part of a full story. If enough people like it I will write a full story. 


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