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October 31, 2019


What am I, I whisper. The daughter of raging flames, weeping waves. Am I that one lost cause, that person your only friends is someone who feels bad for you. Am I a broken soul, craving loneliness. Could I be a demon causing grief for the people around me for fun? No one would tell me, they didn't care what I was. I am a child to them, selfish and needy. My fists burn with sudden force. The punching bag sways before me. Barely a dent lays in its side. Hands grab my hips, pulling me back. I growl turning to their face. 
"Carden...what the hell are you doing here,'' I yell
He smiles, pulling my gloves from me. God, he was annoying. Broad muscle shifts around his arms, as he tosses my gloves to his mates. I start panicking, glancing around the room. 
Carden moves toward me, his frame towering over me," Jade look we can't have you here. Everyone thinks your a threat...I don't believe them," He points to his friends cowering in the corner," Let's get this over with."
He shoves me backwards, I duck in time his body flying over me. The door slams shut Carde's mates gone from sight. I stalk over to Carden, the window shattered. 
"Leave me alone Carden...this isn't going to fix Harlow," I snarl, kicking his hands. 
I bend down to his face, pulling each finger up. He gasps as his last finger comes loose. Three stories later I hear the sudden smash of his body.
"Sorry Carden," I smile, picking up my gloves. 
I return to the punching bag, slamming my anger into the bag. One day I would be left alone, just not today. I would show them I could join the pack, I had the fire they need. 


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