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October 31, 2019

Music is very important to humans. Music has many different benefits. Such as mental, physical and other benefits. Some things that music helps with is it improves mood, reduces stress, lessens anxiety, improves exercise and memory, eases pain, provides comfort and it improves condition. However, the world of music is very broad. There are many types and genres of music pop, rock , classical,country etc. One type of music that I enjoy is rap.The reason that I enjoy this type of music is that there is a lot of emotion.

 One song that is good to write about is Drake’s God’s Plan.  This song was part of Drake’s scorpion album that was released in 2018. One reason I like this song is the beat. I personally think that the beat is the most important part of any song. Without the beat the song is bad. The beat causes the song to be good or bad. Another reason aspect about this song that is good is one of the messages it tells. Almost all rap songs talk about bad things and actions such as sex,drugs and guns. To be honest this song is also dirty in some parts. And other songs in this album have very bad messages. However as seen in the music video, the goal of this song is to give back to his community. In the video he is seen giving away cars and going to grocery stores and buying people whatever they want. He had a near 1 million budget for the music video but he gave it all away to families in need, schools and charities.  However, this might all be a publicity stunt. He could have done it to increase his publicity and to make more people think that he is a good person and that might influence them to listen to his music. He might do this to gain views. If this is a publicity stunt it has worked very well. God’s Plan has gained over 1 billion on youtube to date and 4.3 million streams on spotify in just the first 24 hours of the songs release. Another topic that he addresses in this song is how he feels that he cannot trust anyone. He believes that everyone around his does everything they do for their own gains. He believes that everyone that works with him has alternative motives and there own agendas and they do not care about him. They mainly do it for the money and the fame. In the same album he has multiple songs addressed to this haters and people that want to take things from him instead of contributing. 
Another album on this song is Emotionless. In Emotionless Drake talks about his problem with social media and how he feels that the social media bullying is bad. Other songs on the album include In My Feelings that peaked in popularity over the summer in 2018. It was further popularized by a dance that accompanied the song. Other songs are Nonstop, Nice for What , Can’t Take a Joke,Survival,Elevate,Peak,Summer Games,8 out of 10 among others. 
In Conclusion, Scorpion had gained a lot of popularity in 2018 that lead to its success.The Album had broken multiple streaming records as well as songs like In My Feelings and Gods Plan broke many billboard records. Overall the album has good aspects as well it has bad aspects including the fact that many of the songs talk about shooting people and having sex. I would give the album Scorpion a 6 out of 10 rating.


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  • Charisse Marison

    I'm not a huge fan of rap, but this was a great album review!

    about 1 year ago