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Echoes of sound(#this_is_my_world)

By: Crazy

PROMPT: Microphone

Pushing through the wooden door, I'm swarmed by sound. I glance at a smiling face, short teeth shining. Questions echo from the lounge, the TV blaring with the latest watch. Darkness crouches in the four-walled room, curtains shut. A low breeze roams around the house, rustling pages filled with words. Turning to my left, I cringe at sudden light, the noise of angry siblings. The clatter of clothes falling from my bed. A pulse of apple roles across the cool breeze. A burst of sound rings in my ears, a stomach screaming for food. With a light chuckle, I stalk into the kitchen. Smells of meat waft up my nose, the pan sizzling angrily. Trees rustling by the kitchen window, sparkling with shades of bright green. Not a minute of silence I bathe in, only loud echoes. 

Message to Readers

What can I improve on, should I continue with this style of writing?

Peer Review

'Questions echo from the lounge'

I love this as it soft of involves a mystery!

There is lots of onomatopoeia which is perfect in this! Every sound you have thought of which is fantastically described!

Reviewer Comments

Thank you for writing this piece, I thoroughly enjoyed reading and reviewing it! I hope you find my feedback useful, but do remember its only my opinion, some parts of where I believe could be improved, you may disagree with it and that’s totally fine!