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Eye Saw

November 26, 2019


In glass casing I in you (I) stay hidden from this single gaping eye.
One thought and mind consuming a present life.
Effortless as the beauty it perceives swallows it whole, as it is the beholder.
Limitation allows a greater purchase on this, a life evaluated and bought, the owner unaware of its transactions.
Though a mere ignorant fool, understanding can be learnt as perspective can also be sought.Through the eye they see a life that exists without living.
A livid rage in an instant overcame, as both eye and you saw, came to terms and continued your existence in insignificance. 
At this I saw a casualty both in death of life too perfunctory.
In my glass I shake and shatter, but this glass is necessary to correct this vision, a life looked through an astigmatism.
With broken glass now you see.


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1 Comment
  • jaii

    this i so deep. i love the third line. nice play on the popular phrase.

    over 1 year ago