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Just a hungry reader/writer trying to survive this world (more like high school) and finish binge-watching Netflix shows. Also a fan of kpop, Harry Potter, The Lunar Chronicles, and The Phantom of the Opera (basically any musicals), to name a few.

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Welcome! If you like random stories and other odds and ends, this is the place for you. Thanks for taking the time to glance at my profile. Feel free to leave a review, I will take any advice you may have.

I'm fine

October 30, 2019


"I'm fine," you say.

But the blank stares,
nervous tappings,
quiet demeanor
say otherwise
You don't have to tell me everything

But why lie?

I've been your friend since third grade,
you're not subtle
I just want to know the truth
and comfort you
I don't like seeing you upset

Do you understand yet?

I'm here for you


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