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Walking to School

May 12, 2016

Each of them carried a bag that hung on one shoulder, in their arms they carried books and folders. With each step forward the random folder that they may or may not need got heavier in their bags. In their pockets they carried wrappers from sweets, chocolates and chewing gum.

In a secret pocket, Katie carried her little notebook that she wrote her preferences in. Walking next to Katie was Nevie, he carried money ready to buy food from the garage by the school, yet for cheap he could buy food from his mate Will. Will was on the opposite side of Katie and in many of his uniform pockets and bag pockets he carried food to sell to students around school. Amy moped behind them carrying her stash of elastic bands that would all be lost by the end of the day.

They all had something in common, they all carried something. They all carried secrets.

Katie carried her thoughts for Nevie and another girl. She'd been placed in between a rock and a hard place and they carried her as well as her carrying them. Nevie carried his thoughts quietly and no where near contently in his mind palace. Will on the other hand carried nothing but laughter, he only carried a 3 year olds mind in his skull. Amy carried thoughts of her and Nevie splitting up, she always thought she'd do something wrong but she loved him too much to stop thinking about it.

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