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The House on The Hill

November 2, 2019


At the top of the hill about 2 miles from your street, there is a house. It’s the one all the neighborhood kids warn new people about, the one they say is haunted. 

It’s huge and ringed thickly with trees, largely obscuring it from view. The house itself has boarded windows and a strange-looking knocker reminiscent of a face, as well as an attic visible from the ground. 

Haunted? No. Just hidden— hidden from the ones who don’t truly need it. 

If you’re desperately in need, the house will show its true form: simply a house owned by a lovely older couple who takes in any and all children in trouble.

If you’re desperately in need, you can enter safely, and you can stay as long as you need.

If you’re desperately in need, the house will help. 


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