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May 12, 2016

PROMPT: All Talk



Hey Ash, just called to see hows life!

Thats so weird! Youre so weird, you never call.

Yeah, but I thought I would today.

O-kay then. Yeah, schools been okay but Im dying because my Spanish tutor refused to give me extra credit on a project that I handed up a day late! A day! Can you believe it? How am I ever supposed to get into Princeton? And Biancas been such a bitch, she didnt invite me to the party everyones been talking about!

Oh wow that sounds quite bad.

You can hardly imagine what Im going through right now. At this rate, Ill end up working at McDonalds.


Youre so lucky Em, you dont have to deal with all this.

Yeah, I guess so.

When will I ever get out of this hell? Are you crying?

A little.

Oh. Is it something I said?

Not really. My dad, hes sick.

Oh my goodness thats so upsetting! Did he see the doctor?


Im sure hell get better soon. One time Jon got the flu and he drank this ginger tea I got for him from China or something. He got better the next day!

This isnt like the time your boyfriend got a cold.

Im just saying, the tea really helped.

I think its a serious kind of sick. He came back from the hospital-

That sounds really bad. Which hospital? I was stuck at the public hospital the last time I fractured my arm, the service was so bad.


I know right.

Right. So, my dad got home with these envelopes from the hospital. The big kind of envelopes you put x-ray films in?

Oh those. It doesnt even hurt when you take an x-ray, you have to just chill.

But after I went in my room that night he was having this super intense discussion with mum.

Oh no.

I think my mum was crying too.

That sounds bad.

I know, and I dont know what to do. Im just so lost and I dont know why theyre not telling me and do they already know that I know, I mean

Mariah just make a salad for me then, rest your hand. Get well soon!


Im so sorry, Mariah injured her hand making crme brle for dessert. She was using that blow torch thing you know.


So I told her she didnt have to make me hummus to bring to school tomorrow. Salads pretty easy to make if shes hurt her hand right.

Ash. For gods sake, I was telling you about. My. Dad.

Alright alright, just chill. So what are you going to do now?

I really dont know. If I found out the truth, it might be as bad as I think it is, but not knowing is already killing me.

There isnt really much you can do.

But I cant simply just sit around and just watch everything unfold around me. I dont want to be the passive observer.

Im sure its not that bad, hell get better soon.

No, Ash. What if its not going to get better, what if it is bad? Its not something you can cure with your stupid ginger tea and make it go away in a day.

His flu was quite bad.

Yeah and so is your advice. Or lack thereof.

Hey at least Im listening to you. You dont ever call me, or reply my texts, and Im about to be late for Marks birthday.

Its eleven.

Yeah. The party doesnt really start till eleven-thirty.

Look. All you ever rant to me about is your grades, your ridiculously expensive presents, your drinking. Why do you have to be so superficial about everything?

Youre just jealous.

I am definitely not jealous. You got kicked out of your snobby prep school, and you get wasted every weekend. How am I jealous?

And youre one to judge?

Youre superficial. I cant even have a proper conversation with you.

If you dont ever reply me, how am I supposed to have a conversation with you?

I just tried to tell you something heartfelt.

And I listened didnt I?

You told your maid to get well soon for burning her pinky. My dad could potentially have cancer.

Im being caring.

Youre a sorry excuse of a listener.

Im always trying to tell you about my problems, and you ignore them. Now when youre in trouble, you think your problems are bigger than mine?

In fact, I do think that my problems are bigger than yours.

Whatever. Dont call me anymore, find someone else to rant to.

So be it.



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