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I am a lost banana seeking for comfort in stories.
Books have taught me the world, life and languages.

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>we were all once lost bananas


May 12, 2016

PROMPT: All Talk

Hello there, child.
Who are you?
Well, that is a secret.
You might think so.
What do you want?
Nothing. I just came to join you.
Hm. You really are weird.
May I sit next to you?
Whatever. It's not like I own this land.
So? What are you looking at?
The sky.
I am waiting for the stars to come out.
It will take a while for that.
I know.
I'm used to the waiting.
That's quite odd, for a young child like you...
Yeah. I guess so.
What are you waiting for then?
You don't have to tell me if you don't feel like it.
My parents.
They told me that they will watch over me by becoming a star...
I know that they are gonna be the brightest ones in the sky.
That's why I stay here, wait for the stars until I find the brightest one...
You must have been waiting for a very long time then.
I can see that you have a very strong spirit within you...
You sure talk like an old man.
...The sky is beautiful, isn't it.
Hey.. You know...
Yes, child?
Can you stay with me... Just until when the star comes out?
Of course, I will stay with you.
To the stars?
To the stars in the sky.
You can trust me, child...
For I promise to stay with you 'till the end.


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