Swan brothers



Wills on the art of loosing

May 12, 2016

When we began this expedition they thought it was a wise decision
That we take six laden wagons, I have since thought that needed revision
For all along this venture we have been shedding possessions
We have given up rum, sugar, guns and ammunition
We have lost our loyal camels and horse
While struggling through swamps on our course
The men have split and changed again
And now Burke, King and I remain
Some Like Landells and Beckler turned away
But poor Gray I have laid in his Grave
We have turned at last towards Mt Hopeless
And I feel its name might be an omen
For as we walk I see my hungers cost
My last possession is about to be lost
If I had but the strength to carry on
What a story I would bring home
And I find myself laughing as I let go
For what I foresaw and the truth I now know
What use had we for a Chinese gong
They couldnt have got it more wrong


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