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Grace V.

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I want any sort of critique, good or bad, on my work so I can work to improve.

Stars & Scars

March 21, 2015

I wish that life was measured not by days, but by the never-dying Stars and Scars of memories and experiences.

I wish that pain would not come without rebirth.

I wish that the beautiful colorsĀ of the world were not stained by ignorance when life is taken for granted.

I wish that everyone could believe that the sun would continue to be there for the next dawn.

I wish that bad news was only just news, and not a permanent mark of hopelessness.

I wish that loved ones didn't have to share my suffering.

I wish that people wouldn't pity a life from a distance but instead support them by their side.

I wish that a mother would never have to bear the pain of outliving their child.

I wish that hopelessness didn't bring people down.

And I wish cancer hadn't brought me down with them.


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