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Hi, I'm Becky! I love basketball, theater, and writing poems. My best friend is DeathlyHallows394 so go check them out :) I'm a feminist and I fight for human rights.

Message to Readers

I know this was super short but I want to publish something and this is the only thing I had prepared. I wrote this over the summer for the girl I had a crush on (and still do :) so yeah
-Becky :))))


November 5, 2019

PROMPT: Microphone

July 2019

I wonder if there are two universes
A universe where we are friends
A universe where we are more than friends
A universe where I am strong enough
A universe where I am brave enough
A universe where I am perfect enough
For you
A universe where we could be unstoppable
I wish there was another universe 
Where we are unstoppable


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