Hi! My hobbies are reading, reading, reading, and reading! My favourite authors are Brandon Mull, Rick Riordan, Becky Albertalli and Sarah J Maas. I am a Slytherin, a daughter of Artemis (So what if that's not possible?!) and a Dauntless.

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"It is better to know some questions than all of the answers." James Thunder
"Everyone should get a standing ovation at some point in their life because we all overcometh the world." -Auggie Pullman (R. J. Palacio)


Doodleninja's Stereo tropes Co. Hilarious and witty, effortlessly making fun of fantasy tropes.

Pineapples has branched out a bit recently, but their writing is still insightful and interesting.

What.I.Saw.In.The.Tea.Leaves's pieces are so gorgeous! They haven't done many yet, but I hope they do.

CrowSF's 'A brush with Death'. Amazing descriptions, with a mystique that makes me keep reading.

Every single thing Anha has written is worth reading. Amazing writing.

Just another average night.

October 29, 2019

PROMPT: Microphone

The thunder rumbles as I toss and turn in my bed.
My brother 'stealthily' sneaks out of his creaking bed to snatch some of my parent's chocolate they've been saving and think we don't know about.
I wince as he puts his foot in a bucket of slime he left on his floor.
My dog barks along to the chorus of 'Ow! Wet! Slimy! What happened? EEEEWWWW, my foot's covered in slime!'
I slip out of bed and peek into my brother's room. He is hopping along, dripping bright green slime onto the floor.
I smirk at him, 'Nice chocolate stealing.'
'Shut up'
I turn and slip my foot into the slime bucket.
The shouts commence. My brother grins.
We both hop into the bathroom, and drip slime onto the floor as we stand in the bath in our pajamas, at midnight, to wash our feet.

That's just another average night!
My parents live in the garage, as the room my brother lives in is tiny, and there was no way it would hosue the both of us, and there's only two rooms in the house. 

Also, you do not want to go to our house. :D


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  • Bookworm101

    Thanks @pineapples

    almost 2 years ago
  • pineapples

    i found this hilarious!!! awesome job!

    almost 2 years ago